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Crystal Palace Yarns is retiring from the yarn business after 46 years! 
We thank the many knitters, crocheters and fiber fans for the years of support since we
began in 1971 as Straw Into Gold in Oakland & then in Berkeley, California.
How to find all our free patterns? Go Here.

CLICK to See Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles information
Crystal Palace Bamboo will continue to supply the
Classic CPBamboo Needles and Ann Norling patterns.
Crystal Palace Bamboo is here:

Older links and information below

Straw Into Gold
since 1971
The original business that spawned
Crystal Palace Yarns.

Lots of textile history, technique, dyeing,
knitting, weaving and more here and
more coming.

Menu of Dye recipes, Dye history.

Straw Into Gold's background
and history is here.

Photos of Berkeley & Richmond here


Link to Susan's Quilting Articles, Free Quilt Patterns & her Quilts

  See some of Susan's quilts here.

This is historical record of all the What's New
files back to 1995
It is no longer being updated as of 1/1/2016

What's New?

Crystal Palace Tips Page
knitting, felting, yarn use, etc.

-- Check out Susan's quilting site.
-- Free Speech Movement Archives site is here: Susan is a vet of the 1964 FSM at UC Berkeley.

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