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Sometimes we hear from people who want to know where and how we store all our yarns, so I took some photos today (November 2005).

We are located in a building originally built in the late 1940s to hold an auto dealership, body shop, paint shop and various car part supplies. It had been a GMC-Pontiac Dealership for many years until sometime in the early 1980s when it was rented out to various other businesses, ending just before we took over the building with a used office furniture business.

We have now filled all 27,000 square feet with yarn and associated storage, including things saved from our 30 years as a retail yarn and fiber store (Straw Into Gold in Oakland and Berkeley).

See several pages of photos of the building as we fixed it up HERE.

Below are two photos of the shelves full of yarn for shipping.



Below are photos of our backstock in boxes, I call aisles that look like the photo just below the "Bryce Canyons of Yarn"!