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Free Knitting & Crochet Patterns listed by individual CPY yarn
Crystal Palace Yarns
An index to all the online Yarn Sample Cards on this site is here.

Above is Mini Mochi in Topsy Turvy Cowl

N = New, added within last 60 days    C = Crochet Pattern 
P = Photo of the Project (use browser Back button to return to this page)

Aria - Blippity - Chunky Mochi - Cotton ChenilleCotton Twirl - Cuddles - Cuddles DK - Danube DK/Aran/Bulky - Deco-Ribbon - Fizz - Fizz Stardust - Gold Rush - Kid Merino - Little Flowers - Mendocino - Merino 5 - Mini Mochi - Mini Solid  - Mochi Plus - MonacoMoonshine  - Nocturne - Nubbles - Panda Cotton - Panda Pearl - Panda SilkParty - Plus Solid - Puffin - Sausalito - Shambala - Splash - Squiggle - Taos - TuTu & TuTu Lamé - Waikiki

To see a sample card for each yarn, click the name of the yarn below.

Ample Woman Size Index
Free Patterns

Mini-photos linked to
free sock patterns

Many free hat patterns

See Our
Indie Designers

Patterns HERE

Scarf Patterns
in All Yarns
Free scarf/cowl/stole Patterns
in many styles


Below is an alphabetical list of our yarns with links to the free knitting patterns and free crochet patterns.

Aria - 38% rayon + 35% merino wool + 18% polyester + 9% nylon -

Lone Star Entrelac Hat  
(Aria & Cotton Twirl)

Wrap & Drop Stitch Scarf 

Easy Aria Shrug

Long Cowl  P
Aria + Mini Solid


Crochet Flower Cloche  C  
(Aria & Panda Silk)

Diva Shawl
(Aria & Mochi Plus)

Color Stacks Cowl P
(with Kid Merino)

Aria Easy Poncho P

Diagonal Scarf  
(Aria + Kid Merino)

Lengthwise Knit Scarf  
(Aria + Cotton Twirl)

See more ARIA patterns
on the Indie Designer Page here

Chunky Mochi                                                      See Indie Patterns in Chunky Mochi here.

Easy Broken Rib Scarf

Fan Stitch Scarf  

Eyelet Twigs Stitch Scarf

Child's Dragon Hat

Chunky Cable  Scarf

Wee Bag
(uses just 1 ball)

Chunky Mochi Lace Cowl

Majestic Mitts

Long Crocheted Cowl  C

Rolled Brim Lacy Hat   N

Fingerless Mitts

Fan Stitch Neck Cozy Cowl 
(1 ball version)

Triangle Shawlette

Chunky Cowl - easy K & P 

Buttoned Cabled Cowl

Funky Mochi Scarf
1 ball each Chunky & Mini Mochi

Woven Cable Scarf 

Child's Cabled Hat

Comfort Zone Big Scarf  C P  N

Dragon Ribs
Two Ball Hat

Fan Stitch Cowl #2
(2 ball version)

3-3 Rib Cowl   
(uses just 1 ball)

Lettuce Hat

Tri-cornered Baby Hat

Chunky Quick Cowl  C

If you are on Ravelry, be sure to check
for several Chunky Mochi project there.

Cotton Chenille 100% soft cotton         See Indie Patterns in Cotton Chenille here.

Cotton Chenille Sweatshirt

Cables & Bobbles Sweater

Cotton Chenille Boob
(knit prosthetic breast)

Crocheted Baby Blanket
(off our site)

Double Knit Checkered

Magic Garter Stitch
Twined Face Cloths

Cotton Chenille Wash Cloth

Flower Washcloth
(pattern off site)

3 Face Wash Cloths
3 different easy stitch pattern

Crochet 2-color Cloth C

Bath Mitt

Cotton Chenille
Sampler Vest

Cotton Chenille + Splash Hat

Santa Hats 
Cotton Chenille + Fling + Splash

Baby Blanket

 Baby Cardigan
6 mos - 24 mos sizes

Baby Vest with
Kiddo collar

(6 mos - 24 mos)

Little Girl's Jumper
sizes 1 yr to 6 yrs

Rolled Brim Hat
Cotton Chenille + Waikiki

School Colors Pillow

Ivy Hat + Mittens  
Aran + Cotton Chenille


Freedom Caterpillar Scarf
Crochet scarf (off site)

Ribbed Scarf

Cozy Slippers 
Cotton Chenille + Whisper

Child's Capelet w/ Squiggle Trim

Easy Cotton Chenille
+ Waikiki Pullover

Kitschy Apron

Crocheted Coasters

Knitted Coasters

Mistake Rib Scarf 


See more Cotton Chenille patterns
on the Indie Designer Page here

Cotton Twirl 90% Cotton + 10% elastic nylon

Faggot Stitch Scarf

Shorty Vest

Girl's Ballet Shrug 

Fishy (fish toy)

Arella Baby Dress

Ruffled Shawl 

Lonestar Entrelac Hat 
(Aria & Cotton Twirl)

Geometric Hat

Stripes and Lace Hat  P


Everyday Stripes Ribbed Hat

Bolero Jacket

Cotton Twirl Woman's Shrug
adult version of child's shrug

Victoria Lace Vest

TuTu + Cotton Twirl Scarf

Girl's Ruffled Skirt
TuTu + Cotton Twirl

Scalloped Hat

Chevron Scarf

Baby Blocks Beanie

Squares Baby Blanket

Child's Cardigan

5 Hour Baby Sweater
(pattern off site)

Baby Hat
TuTu + Cotton Twirl

Striped Baby Blanket
(Puffin & Cotton Twirl)

Baby Bonnet

Pom Pom Baby Hat  

Kathleen Dress 
Cotton Twirl & Panda Cotton


Inner Truth Cabled Scarf

Easy Baby Blanket

18" Doll Sweater

Crocheted Baby Hats P C

Baby Blanket (or Throw)

Braided Earflap Hat

Crocheted Wide Brim Hat C

Granny Square Baby Blanket C P   N

Tri-cornered Baby Hat  

Braided Mittens

Cuddles DK

Chevron Scarf

Razzmatazz Baby Hat    N

Baby Dress Cabled Knotted Baby Hat  

Danube - in 3 weights: DK, Aran, & Bulky

Danube DK weight

Shell Cowl in DK C

Drop Stitch Cowl

Danube DK Wave socks   N

Block Weave Scarf  N

Danube Lacy Shell Skirt C   N

Mitered Shawl    N

Danube Aran weight

Tweed Hat in Aran C  

Estonian Rib Hat 
(Danube Aran + Merino 5)

Estonian Infinity Scarf/Cowl   N
(Danube Aran + Merino 5)

Bandana Cowl  N

Ruffled Shawl    N

Danube Bulky weight

Flapper Hat  

Knotted Lace Hat

Fitted Hat

Danube Bulky + Gold Rush Dotty Hat   N

Danube Diamond Cowl  N

Danube Big Cable Scarf   N


Scarf Patterns in All Yarns

Asymmetrical Jacket

Openwork Poncho

Quick Knit 9 ft Stole
Deco-Ribbon & Splash

Popcorn + Deco-Ribbon Scarf

Deco-Ribbon + Popcorn Hat

Triangle Evening Bag
Deco-Ribbon + Little Flowers + Popcorn

Cables + Bobbles Shoulder Bag
Deco-Ribbon, Party, Little Flowers

 Deco-Ribbon + Popcorn Bag

Deco-Splash Hat

Deco-Splash Small Bag

PDA or Cell Phone
Loopy Deco-Ribbon Bags

Crocheted C
Deco-Ribbon Purse

Crocheted Deco-Ribbon Flower C

3 Cell Phone Bags

 Deco-Ribbon Coat Dress 

Deco-Ribbon Tank Top

Square Bottom
Deco-Ribbon Purse

Knit Deco-Ribbon Purse

Crocheted Deco-Ribbon
Beach Bag

Crocheted Baby Blanket C

Easy to Knit Shrug
Deco-Ribbon + Splash

Deco Vest
w/ Fizz Collar

Deco-Ribbon Shrug
(short sleeved) with Knit Flower trim

Fizz                                                            Scarf Patterns in All Yarns

Musique + Fizz Poncho 

Felted Knit Iceland + Fizz

Fizzy Tote Bag

Fizz + Waikiki 60 inch scarf

The Martha Scarf

Mikado-Fizz Wide Rib Scarf

Mikado Ribbon + Fizz
Ladder Scarf

Squiggle + Fizz Pointed Scarf

Fizz + Little Flowers Cowl

Deco Vest
w/ Fizz Collar

Betsy's Doubled Fizz Scarf

Triangle-Garter Shawl

Deco-Ribbon + Fizz
Cell Phone Bag

Felted crocheted Jackie O. bag 
(pattern off this site) F

Fizz + Kid Merino Shawl


Corkscrew Scarf sc100
2 balls of Fizz-Stardust

Cap Sleeve Pullover  sw 051

Iceland Felted Cloche Hat
with Fizz Stardust

Fizz Stardust, Whisper & Deco-Ribbon

Musique Coat with "fur collar & trim" 
("fur" = Splash + Fizz-Stardust)

Gold Rush     - new yarn Fall 2013

Fan Stitch Cowl

Danube Bulky + Gold Rush Dotty Hat   N

Treasure Slouch Hat

Treasure Cowl 
(Gold Rush + Merino 5)


Peacock Cowl

Kid Merino  - a fine lace weight yarn                          Scarf Patterns in All Yarns
                                                     See Indie Patterns in Kid Merino here.

Triangle Stolette wr 017
Party + Kid Merino

Arches & Columns Lace Scarf
sc 092

Kid Merino Cropped Jacket sw064 

Kid Merino Lacy Shrug sw 067

Kid Merino + Waikiki
Ruffle Trimmed Pullover

Easy Ribbed Hat ac 055
Fjord + Kid Merino

Cat's Paw Lace Scarf
uses only 1 ball

Sweet Alyssum Lace Shawl
(2 balls Kid Merino lace)

Easy Rolled Neck
Sleeveless Top

Ruffled Scarflet Neck Wrap

Color Stacks Cowl
(with Aria)


Madeira Lace Scarf sc 088
(Kid Merino held double)

Kid Merino Lace Cuff Socks ac 028

Kid Merino + Little Flowers Cowl
sc 089

Scribble Lace Scarf #2

Kid Merino + Waikiki
Easy to Knit Susan's Top

Lace Stole or Afghan 
Waikiki + Kid Merino

Shetland Lace Scarf
2 balls - knit lengthwise on 10s
cost approx. $11 retail

Peggy Lace Shawl
Smoke Ring Lace Cowl
[a HeartStrings FiberArts patterns]
not free pattern - info on linked page

Infinity Scarf

Fizz + Kid Merino Shawl wr 027

Kid Merino + Little Flowers
wr 019

Kid Merino Rainbow Socks ac 026

Kid Merino Rainbow Fingerless Gloves
(to match the socks above)

Quilt Medallion Scarf  C
(Interweave Crochet - PDF)

Fingerless Gloves
+ Kid Merino
ac 050
(Wrist Warmers)

Licorice Bullet Skirt
in SPUN Magazine
(amazing skirt with 5 balls! -
retail cost approx. $30)

Mist Lace Scarf
(1 ball lace)

Banded Colors Scarf

Little Flowers

 Scarf Patterns in All Yarns


Kid Merino + Little Flowers
wr 019

Mom & Baby Socks
with Little Flowers Cuffs

Kid Merino + Little Flowers Cowl sc 089

Kid Merino + Little Flowers Scarf sc 093

Cables + Bobbles Shoulder Bag
Deco-Ribbon, Party, Little Flowers

Little Flowers + Kid Merino Scarf sc 091

Mendocino - 80% superwash Merino wool/20% nylon

Fingerless Heel St Gloves

Heel St Hat

Broken Rib Scarf

Shaped Shawl 


Skinny Scarf
(uses one ball)

Merino 5  - Superwash 100% Merino wool - 5 sts/inch gauge

Baby-Toddler Hearts   

Seed Stitch Chemo Cap 

Ripple St Lacy Scarf

Baby - Toddler Vest

Baby-Toddler Mittens

Ear Flap Child's Hat

Cropped Eyelet Branch Pullover

Long Kimono Vest
sized from Sm to 3X

Baby Monkey Socks
(1 ball used -
pattern free off site)

Slouch Hat & Aran/Eyelet Collar

Woven Cable Scarf 
(a Stitch Red Project)

Girl's Cardigan  

TuTu Lamé Cowl
with Merino 5 base

Heart Pillow  C 

Go Team! Fingerless Gloves

Estonian Rib Hat I    N
(Danube Aran + Merino 5)


Knit Shrug
in Eyelet Pattern

Kimono Striped Jacket

Irish Cabled Poncho

Teddy Bear Baby Blanket

Ripple- Eyelet Pullover

Striped Button Neck Classic

Ruffled Triangular Shawl

Star Stitch Vest

Eyelet Set:
Hat & Fingerless Gloves

Team Spirit Hat

Fingerless Pocket Mitts
(a Stitch Red Project)

Crocheted Fingerless Gloves  C

  Crocheted Cloche with Flower C

Girls' Flouncy Skirt 
(with TuTu)

Child's Pom-Pom Team Hat

Estonian Rib Hat II    N
(Mochi Plus + Merino 5)

All Over Cabled

Chemo Cap with Curlicue

Diagonal Stitch Sock
(sized for men & women)

Shawl Collar Short Sleeve

Baby - Toddler

(pattern coming soon)

Entrelac Shawl

Pocket Fingerless Mitts

Ornament Ball

Cabled Stadium Pillow 
(knit with 'team colors')

Concentric Heart Hat

Sparkle Plenty Hat
(with Little Flowers)

Ruffled Party Bag
Merino 5 + Tutu

Treasure Cowl 
(Gold Rush + Merino 5)

Slouch Style Estonian Hat   N


Mini Mochi  -  80% Merino wool + 20% nylon

See Indie Patterns in Mini Mochi here.

Rainbow Scarf in Beaded Rib St  
(uses 1 ball)

People Collar  
(uses 1 ball)

Toddler Picket Fence Socks  

Waterfall Socks

Springy Ring Mittens

Springy Ring Hat   
(uses 1 ball)

Rainbow Striped Socks

Diagonal Crochet Scarf C

Drop Stitch Scarf

18" Doll Set - crocheted
(Mini Mochi & Mini Solid) C

Easy Lace Scarf

Crocheted Blocks Scarf  C   N


Jasmine Lace
Fingerless Gloves

EYE Socks

Weekender Lace Stole

Nadia Lace Trim
Toddler Pullover

Jasmine Lace Scarf

2 balls of Mini Mochi

Fair Isle Hat & Mittens

Entrelac Panel Socks

Ruffled Scarf

Funky Mochi Scarf
1 ball each Chunky & Mini Mochi

Eyelet Ease Lace Scarf  N

Diagonal Blocks Scarf C  N

Ivy Trellis Lace Stole
& Ring of Lace Wrap

[2 HeartStrings FiberArts patterns]
not free patterns - info on linked page

2-Color Striped Socks
(for woman's size)

Flower Garden Shawl  C

Tripled Rib Scarf

Clapochet Shawl
(free off site crochet pattern)  C

Mini Mochi + Maizy
Mélange Socks

Topsy Turvy Cowl
1 ball cowl

Silk Road Journey Socks

Mini Ornament Sock

Mitered Eyelet Shawl   N

   Mini Solid  -  80% Merino wool + 20% nylon

Long Cowl
Aria + Mini Solid

Mochi Plus -  80% superwash Merino wool + 20% nylon                                   See Indie Patterns in Mochi Plus here.

Easy Vest

Cloverleaf Pullover 

Springy Ring Mittens

Lacey Lattice Hat

Ribbed Socks

Treasure Sock  

Argyle Hat 
(uses Mochi Plus & Plus Solid)

Diagonal Stitch Tam

Tam - Beret

2 Ball Hat

Scalloped Soft Coral Scarf

Mitered Vest

Fishy Fish

Rib Seed Hat

Jingle Bell Hat

Crocheted Flower Scarf/Cowl

Mitered Stole/Shawl

Shell Cowl  C

Estonian Boot Toppers   N

Estonian Leg Warmers   N

Coiled Crocheted Hat C    N


Two Way Vest

Fingerless Gloves
(women's sizing)

Fingerless Arrowhead Gloves
(men's sizing)

Zig Zag Cowl
(uses 2 balls)

Shell Lace Stole 

Crochet Flower
Garden Wrap

Broomstick Lace Stole  C

Girl's Shrug

Lattice Cowl w/ Ruffle

Mitered Eyelet Shawl

Ruffled Shawl

5 Hour Baby Sweater
(pattern off site)

Feather-Fan Scarf

Entrelac Scarf

Long, Textured Scarf

Everyday Hat  C 

Everyday Fingerless Gloves  C

Simple Scarf  C

Estonian Rib Hat II    N
(Mochi Plus + Merino 5)

Swirl Hat  N

Parquet Squares Baby Blanket

10 Stitch Zig Zag Scarf
(off site, free on Ravelry)

Mitered Triangle Shawl

Easy Beaded Rib Scarf

Fan Shawl

Diagonal Scarf

Cowl - Collar

Rippled Stole

Just Enough Ruffles Scarf
Indy pattern for sale offsite

Open Stitch Scarf

Rainbow Dreams
Crocheted Baby Afghan

Trout Fishy

18" Doll Sweater & Hat

18" Doll Poncho & Beret

Mochi Plaid Scarf
(+ Plus Solid)

Hat with TuTu Ruffle

Tunisian Crochet Scarf

Coiled Crocheted Mitts C

Coiled Crocheted Cowl C


Cable Panel Scarf   

Ribbed Neck Wrap  

Bejeweled Hat   
(with Merino 5)

Nocturne in 2 weights: DK & Aran

Nocturne - DK Size

Fan Shawl  N

Waffle Cowl  N

Cross Over Vest   N

Nocturne - Aran Size

Eyelet Aran Scarf   N

Diagonal Jacket   N

Panda Cotton - a bamboo - cotton - elastic blend            See Indie Patterns in Panda Cotton here.

Checkered Leaves
sock pattern

Early Spring
sock pattern

Baby Hat

Ample Woman's Tunic

Baby Chick Dress

Peppermint Stripes
Child's Socks

Drop Stitch Scarf 

Crocheted Baby Bonnet

Toe up - twist sock   N


Scallops Sock

Laser Lightshow Socks

Forget Me Knot Socks
(pattern off site)

Scallop Socks

Mom & Baby Socks
with Little Flowers Cuffs

Eyelet Ribbed Baby Cardigan

Baby Stripey Hat

Kathleen Dress
Cotton Twirl & Panda Cotton


Hedera Shorty Socks
(pattern off site)

RPM Socks
(pattern off site)

Menehune Socks

Toddler Socks

Panda Layette Set  
Jacket, Hat, Booties

Kids' - Baby's Stripey Socks

Eyelet Vine Cowl

Peaks Baby Hat    N

Panda Pearl - a light worsted version of Panda Silk

Panda Pearly Rib Scarf  N    

Panda Silk - a fingering weight - bamboo - merino - combed silk           See Indie Patterns in Panda Silk here.

Easy Eyelet Scarf
(only one ball)

Ribbons Socks  

Baby Bubbles Smock 

Beaded Eyelet Cuff Socks

Chevron Lace Scarf    N

Sweet Alyssum Shawlette   N

Nutmeg Socks

Ribbed Scarf 
(2 colors combined)

Silky Drops Socks  

Lace Circular Shawl
(for baby or adult)

Crochet Flower Cloche   N
(Aria & Panda Silk)

Weekender Lace Wrap

Kilauea Socks

 Silken Ease
lace scarf

Rainbow Wing Shawl

Panda Silk Spider Lace Scarf C   N

PARTY - a gleaming nylon ribbon

Party Feather Lace Top sw 056

Party Vest  sw 053

Triangle Stolette

Party + Squiggle Shrug wr 023

Lace Short Sleeve Top sw 055

Party Criss Cross Jacket  sw 057 

Capelet - Garter Lace 

Sleeveless Cropped Top +Skirt

Knit Party Necktie sc 086

Flirty Crocheted Corkscrew Scarf C
Flirty Crocheted Corkscrew Hat
Blippity + Party 

Flirty Crocheted Handbag
Blippity + Party 

Cables + Bobbles Shoulder Bag

Peppermint Stripe Bag

Girl's Party Tank Top

Party Scarf

Party + Kid Merino Scarf 

Party + Popcorn Scarf

BeBop + Party Corkscrew
"Fur Look" Scarf
sc 102  

Scrunchie Bag
2 colors of Party


PLUS SOLID  (a solid color version of Mochi Plus)

Argyle Hat 
(uses Mochi Plus & Plus Solid)

Rib Seed Hat

2 ball Hat

Candy Cane Hat

Rainbow Dreams
Crocheted Baby Afghan

Mochi Plaid Scarf
(+ Mochi Plus)

Puffin - poly fleece yarn

Cowgirl Fringed Vest

Cowgirl Slipper Socks

Cabled Hat

Puffin Baby Clog

Shoulderette Shrug

Perky Puffin Slippers
(adult sizes)

Baby Toddler Hat

Pinwheel Baby Blanket


Baby Hat & Booties

Peek-a-Boo Baby Blanket

Puffin Child's Slipper

Loopy Hat + Mitten Set
for Babies

Fringed Adult Slippers

Munchkin Baby Hat

Puffin Knit CAT 

Striped Baby Blanket
(Puffin & Cotton Twirl)

Baby-Toddler Socks

Baby -Toddler Cardigan Hoodie

Baby-Toddler Pullover Hoodie

Child Hat

Ridged Baby Blanket

Fringed Wild West
Baby Toddler Slippers

Hoodie Vest
(Indie free pattern)


Popcorn + Deco-Ribbon Scarf

Deco-Ribbon + Popcorn Hat

Popcorn + Party Scarf  
sc 106

Iceland + Popcorn Hat


Deco-Ribbon + Popcorn Bag

Triangle Evening Bag
Deco-Ribbon + Little Flowers + Popcorn

Sausalito (fingering 2-ply merino)            See Indie Patterns in Sausalito here.

Mittens - one ball 

Ribbed Hat

Sausalito Eyelet Socks

Cable-Lace Cowl 

Short - Sweet Socks 

Eyelet Vine Cowl   N


Fingerless cable gloves

Sausalito Scalloped Socks

Shell Stitch Crochet
18" Doll Set

Cable-Lace Fingerless Gloves 


Drop Stitch Cowl

Crocheted Shell Stole C

Curly scarf
( one ball)

Sausalito Lace Cuff Socks 

Cable-Lace Hat


Splash                                         Scarf Patterns in All Yarns

Quick Knit Stole
Deco-Ribbon & Splash

Splash + Squiggle - 2 HR Scarf

Santa Hats 
Cotton Chenille + Fling + Splash

Party + Splash Capelet  wr 031 

Red Hat Ladies' Scarf
Splash + Fling


Splash Hat

Deco-Splash Hat

Triangle-Garter Shawl

Splash + Merino Frappe Long Scarf 

Iceland Felted Cloche Hat
with Splash

Collar Royale
(vegan ermine)

Deco-Splash Small Bag

Crocheted Splash Afghan C

Cotton Chenille + Splash Hat

Chemo Cap with Curlicue

Easy to Knit Shrug
Deco-Ribbon + Splash


Squiggle + Fizz Pointed Scarf

Squiggle + Fizz Bias Scarf

Felted CD Bag (with Squiggle) F

Cupcake Hat
(with Merino 5)

Triangle-Garter Shawl

Splash + Squiggle - 2 HR Scarf 

Child's Cotton Chenille
Capelet w/ Squiggle Trim


Squiggle Double  

Party + Squiggle Scarf

Party + Squiggle Shrug

TAOS is discontinued

We regret that we can no longer offer pattern support for Taos yarn patterns.
If you are looking for the original patterns, you will find them stored in the Way Back Machine Web archive project here:

Simply fill in our web site into the entry box and choose a past year for a stored copy of our web site - this is a marvelous project that stores millions of web sites, ours back to the original 1995 beginnings.
Warning: You can get lost wandering in this wonderful past of the Web! It's amazing.


TuTu & TuTu Lamé - a yarn for ruffles


Baby Hat
TuTu + Cotton Twirl

TuTu Wraps on Ravelry (for sale)
TuTu Fun & TuTu Sparkle

Girl's Ruffled Skirt   N
TuTu + Cotton Twirl

Girls' Flouncy Skirt   N
(with Merino 5)


TuTu Boa
2 hanks of TuTu = 83" scarf

TuTu Lamé Cowl
with Merino 5 base

Instructions for How to Knit
with TuTu Here


TuTu + Cotton Twirl Scarf

TuTu Spiral Hat   N

Mochi Plus Hat with TuTu Ruffle    N

Cotton Twirl Cowl with TuTu Ruffle  N


Waikiki Easy
T-Strap Top

Fizz + Waikiki 60" scarf

Kid Merino + Waikiki
Ruffle Trimmed Pullover

Sarong in Lacy Stitch
Waikiki + Party trim

Easy Cotton Chenille
+ Waikiki Pullover

Waikiki Peplum Vest

Waikiki V-Neck Sleeveless

Kid Merino + Waikiki
Easy to Knit Susan's Top

A-Line Vest - 2 lengths
Cotton Chenille + Waikiki

Waikiki Lace Panel Vest

Waikiki Button Front Vest

Waikiki Bias Knit Scarf

Lace Stole or Afghan
Waikiki + Kid Merino

Waikiki Lace Bell Sleeve Pullover

Patterns for Back List Yarns below

  Back list yarns are still available but new colors & new patterns are not being added for these yarns


Girl's Cowl Pullover  
Blippity + Kiddo

V-Necked Reversible Vest Top
Blippity + Cotton Chenille

Flirty Crocheted Hat
Blippity + Party 

Blippity Tank Top

Hoodie Cardigan Vest
Blippity + Cotton Chenille

Flirty Crocheted Handbag
Blippity + Party 

(see matching hat & corkscrew scarf, too)

Blippity + Deco-Ribbon Shrug  

Striped Knit Purse
Blippity + Cotton Chenille

Flirty Crocheted Corkscrew Scarf
Blippity + Party 


Deco-Stardust Ribbon

Deco-Stardust Tank Top

Deco-Stardust + Splash

Cables + Bobbles Shoulder Bag
Deco-Ribbon, Party, Little Flowers

Sleeveless Tunic in 2 lengths

Tunic w/ Mosaic Slip Stitch Trim

Scribble Lace Scarf sc 103
Kid Merino + Deco-Stardust




DragonFly + Deco-Ribbon Scarf

Iceland Felted Bag + Dragonfly Trim

7 Ft Tomato Red-Orange Scarf DragonFly Scarf on size 35s



Iceland + Nubbles Shawl
(also as kit in 7 colorways)

Iceland and Nubbles
Tweed Jacket


Nubbles + Iceland Pink Vest sw 058

Hat + Mittens Set
Iceland + Nubbles


Iceland + Nubbles Hat  

Clydesdale Legwarmers
& Hat

Panda Superwash -   a bamboo/superwash Merino wool/nylon


Fudge Brownie Men's Socks 

Nibblets Socks

Sydney Socks

 Bandwagon Socks
(pattern off site)

Panda Layette Set
Jacket, Hat, Booties

Twisted Stitch, Toe Up Socks

Panda Superwash replaces Panda Wool

Menehune Socks

Cables & Lace Socks

Crystalline Lattice Socks

Kilauea Socks 

Rainbow Striped Socks

Peace Sock -
"Make Socks, Not War"

Panda Superwash can be used to knit any Panda Wool patterns as well as in
Panda Cotton, Panda Soy & Maizy patterns

Scallops Sock  Pattern

Tumbling Blocks
Sock Pattern

Fly Away Home Socks

Fishing Breakfast Socks



Deco-Ribbon + Poof Scarf  

Fling + Poof + Squiggle Scarf

Un-Astrakan Crocheted Hat  

Poof Baby Hats

Oversize Big Collar Pullover

Very Easy One-Ball Poof Scarf 

Santa Holiday Hat

Child's Earflap Hat
with Poof Braids

Poof + Fling Christmas Scarf 

Capelet in Poof - easy!  

Crocheted Poof Poncho C


Poncho Deco-Stardust with Whisper


Deco-Ribbon + Whisper Scarf

Adult Pixie Hat  

Cozy Slippers 
Cotton Chenille + Whisper


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