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Free Knit Unisex Scarf Pattern

Chunky Mochi Eyelet Twigs Stitch Scarf
for a man or woman

This is an easy scarf to knit and is reversible.

2 - 50 gr balls Crystal Palace Chunky Mochi (click to see all colors)
Shown here in color #805 'tapestry rainbow'

1 pr size 13 Crystal Palace Bamboo or DAISY Needles

Gauge: 15 sts wide scarf  on size 13.

Size: (relaxed, not blocked wide) 4" x 44"

K=knit, YO=Yarn Over, k2tog=knit 2 sts together

Cast on 12 sts
Work 3 rows in garter st (K all rows), increase 3 sts evenly in the last row [15 sts]

Begin Eyelet Twigs Stitch Pattern: (aka "faggot stitch")
Row 1 and all rows: *K1, YO, k2tog; repeat from * to end.
Continue this same pattern for all rows until you are almost out of yarn, work 1 row of garter st, dec. 3 sts evenly in this row. [12 sts]
Work two more rows of garter st.
Bind off loosely.

If you wish to make the scarf wider or narrower, do so in units of 3 sts.

Knit by Susan Druding

copyright 2010 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting Shops carrying Crystal Palace Yarns Chunky Mochi are welcome to use this free pattern for their customers.

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