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free knit Panda Silk DK
scarf pattern

Panda Silk DK
Inner Truth Cables Scarf

Designed by Dr Laura Andersson
CPY “Sock Guru" and Sirius Knitting Publications
Model knit by Debi Woods

Note that Panda Silk DK is held double throughout
Panda Silk is a blend of Bamboo-Superwash Merino Wool-Combed Silk

6 balls Panda Silk DK shown in color 8013 "Walnut Tones"
1 pr size 10 US
Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles  

The ultimate luxe, a blend of bamboo-merino-silk: softness and a special gift - cables with a strong flair on a quasi-reversible scarf.
This isn’t a difficult knit, but it’s slightly tricky and you’ll need to watch the pattern for a bit to get the hang of it. Three mini-twists twirl inside a lucky horseshoe, flanked by a seed-st border. The back has the same seed-st border and small LT (left twist) cables to add interest and make the scarf nice looking on both sides. Pay attention to needle choice - if you knit this too tightly you will sacrifice the soft drape of the yarn. That means I’ve knit the model on one size up needles to maintain the right “hand".
The hardest part of all may be giving this scarf away!

Needles: #10-US (6 mm) circ, or needle required to obtain gauge.
Yarn: 6 balls Panda Silk DK in color 8013 "Walnut Tones" [this is an extra large version in this model shown].
This particular color and version is for a tall man, we will re-photograph it soon on a man, but a lot of knitters have been waiting for this pattern and so we used our female mannequin to model it for now.

Sizing: about 6-7" wide and your choice for length - model is 7 ft. (A shorter length will, of course, use less yarn.

Gauge: measured over rib held loosely = 16 st/10 cm (4 st per in)

1. Work gauge swatch and get comfortable with the yarn. This makes it easier not to split stitches.
2. Cast on 36 sts using the 6 mm (#10-US) needle. I used the knitted cast on to make a nice edge.

Knitted cast-on:
make a slip knot and place 1 st on the needle, leaving an end about 8 in long. Next, knit into the first st. However, instead of taking the newly knit st off onto your right needle, put it on to the end of the left needle. That’s 2 sts.
Now knit into the end stitch, and place it on the left needle = 3 sts. Repeat until you have 36 sts. This cast on is not very stretchy, so be careful not to pull too tightly, but it makes a nice edge which you want for your gorgeous scarf. (Optional: use your own favorite cast-on method.)

3. Work in k1p1 rib for ~3.8 cm (1.5") or your desired length. Place a marker to indicate the front of the work.
4. Begin the Inner Truth Cable pattern below.

Note 1:
I’ve set off the main pattern in [] brackets so you can “see it" more readily.
Note 2:
the twist stitch below is done on the BACK of the scarf to add interest; so on the front it is simply 2 purl sts.

Special abbreviations:
LT: left twist. Knit into the 2nd st & now knit the first.
Alternate: k2tog and knit the first st (no decrease).
C6F: 6-st cable where the 3 sts being “cabled" are held in front. Work pattern up to the “C6F". Slip the next 3 st onto a cable holder (or dpn or anything handy) and let them drop in front of the knitting. Knit the next 3 st off the left needle, and pull snugly esp. when knitting the first of these sts. Now you will knit the 3 sts from your holder. This will seem awkward at first, but notice the nice cable twist you just made!
5 St Seed border is worked k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 at each side of scarf.

Note 3: a “trick" to make your cables nice is to work the purl st AFTER the cable carefully. If you wrap the yarn UP with the purl it will tighten the purl and enhance the cable.
Note 4:
Watch out! Remember that the 2nd cable twist on row 5 drops to the BACK.

Inner Truth Cable
Row 1 (Front):
5-st Seed border, p2, k1, [p2, k3, p2, k6, p2, k3, p2], k1, p2, 5-st Seed border.
Row 2 (Back):
5-st Seed border, LT, p1, [k2, p3, k2, p6, k2, p3, k2], p1, LT, seed-5.
This row is worked for all even rows in the pattern - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Row 3:
seed-5, p2, k1 [p2, k3, p2, C6F, p2, k3, p2] k1, p2, seed-5.
Row 4:
as row 2.
Row 5:
seed-5, p2, k1 [p2, sl 5 to holder in front, k3, p2 from front holder, k3 from front holder, sl5 to holder in back, k3, p2 from back holder, k3 from back holder, p2] k1, p2, seed-5.
Row 6:
as row 2.
Row 7: as row 3.
Row 8: as row 2.
Row 9: as row 1.
Row 10: as row 2. Row 11: as row 3. Row 12: as row 2.

The scarf is now worked for the desired length following the established cable pattern for rows 1-12.
For a nice looking man’s scarf, at least a 60-in (1.5 M) length is desired; this wraps around the neck and reaches well down the chest. End the pattern with row 12. Now work the k1p1 rib as done at the start, for 1.5 in or your desired length.

Bind off loosely in rib - if necessary, go up one size needle so that the end won’t pucker.
Tuck in your ends gently with a crochet hook.

Designed by Dr Laura Andersson and originally published in Mag Knits online magazine, re-worked in Panda Silk DK
Laura is also known as the CPY “Sock Guru" and owner of Sirius Knitting Publications

copyright 2009 Dr. Laura Andersson & Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting Shops carrying Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk DK are welcome to use this free pattern for their customers.

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