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free knit stole pattern

Below shows the stole in full length.



Broomstick Lace Stole (crochet)
by Joanne Cole

Finished shawl measures approximately 14" x 60", although the shawl “lengthens" to about 15 wide" when worn.
Broomstick Lace is a crochet technique - see bottom of this page for how to find instructions.

• 8 skeins Crystal Palace Yarns Mochi Plus, color Purple Dawn, #565 (95 yards/50 g ball).
• Single Point Needle in size #50 or 1" diameter smooth dowel
• Crystal Palace Bamboo crochet Hooks, sizes J and K.

Approximate Gauge:
• 6 squares wide = 6"
• 6 squares high (6 pattern + 6 sc rows) = 4-3/4"

Shell st. = Shells are worked in sets of 5 st. *skp 2 st. 5 tr in next st, skp 1 st, sl st in next st*

ch: Chain
skp: Skip
st: stitch
sc: Single Crochet
sl st: Slip Stitch
tr: Triple Crochet

Designer's Note:
Shawl is worked in broomstick lace, using a large diameter knitting needle and a crochet hook. It is worked in the flat, from side to side, and a crochet edging is added to finish off the edges.
Broomstick Lace is a very traditional craft which has fallen out of favor. “Stitches" are almost square.

If you are unsure of your technique, there are many video tutorials online. Search “how to do broomstick lace" or consult a crochet stitch dictionary. Wiley's Visual Quick Tips: Crochet has directions for both Lefties and Righties!

To adjust gauge, change crochet hook size, NOT knitting needle size. If your stitches are too small, use a larger size crochet hook. If your stitches are too large, use a smaller size crochet hook.

Main Piece:
Using Crochet Hook K, work a foundation chain of 65. Chain should measure approximately 13".
Ch1, turn, sc across (65 sc)

Begin Broomstick crochet, pick up 65 loops onto the US size 50 knitting needle, work in groups of 5 st across row. 13 squares per row. Repeat these two rows 60 times, ending with a sc row. Do not fasten off.

Work around the shawl, starting with the length side adjacent to the working yarn. Change to Crochet Hook J.
Side 1 (Lengthwise): ch 1, * 4sc per each Broomstick square, 1 sc in sc row*. Repeat * to * end of side, 1 sc in starting chain.
Side 2 (Widthwise): Ch1, work shell st across. 13 shells.
Repeat Side 1
Repeat Side 2
Fasten off and hide yarn ends. Block Shawl to shape

Special Stitches:
Broomstick crochet:
Broomstick crochet is worked by alternating two rows:

Row 1: Pull up a loop in each single crochet of the preceding row and place the loop on the knitting needle. The number of loops on the needle should be divisible by 5. Do not turn your work.
Row 2: Slip 5 loops off the knitting needle onto the crochet hook as a group, and twist the group of loops 180 degrees. Sl st into the group of loops and then 5 sc into the group of loops. Repeat for each group of 5 loops on the needle. Do not turn your work.

Note on Broomstick Crochet:
If you are unsure of your technique, there are many video tutorials online. Search Google for "broomstick crochet" or consult a crochet stitch dictionary. There are numerous online resources, including YouTube videos.
Wiley's Visual Quick Tips: Crochet book has directions for both Lefties and Righties!


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