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Moving from Berkeley to Richmond - spring 2001
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Early April  - page 3
More shelves - David arrives - Yarn starts arriving - Skeining room built

My brother, David Druding, (a man of many skills) came for almost two weeks to help us from Fayetteville, Arkansas (where he has his own organic food business, Summercorn). He built a special room for skeining yarn, did wiring and consulted on many things! Thanks, David! 
Loring's Dad, Michael Jones, helped to organize and plan the continuing hauling, crew for moving by truck, and general advice - Many Thanks, Michael! 
And to everyone else who helped (and the staff & crew back at Straw in Berkeley who kept packing boxes!) we couldn't be doing this without you all!



David and Michael studying the light arrangements above the shelves.


David and Andy checking out the conduit.



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