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Moving from Berkeley to Richmond - spring 2001
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Late March - Early April  - page 4
The Office takes shape

The new office room is about twice the size of our old Berkeley office, but we'll have more in that room when it's finished. It was just a big open space - first we added lots more power to accomodate the computer and terminals, fax, copy machine, etc. etc. There is also a small adjoining office for Susan and Andy.

Meanwhile while all of this was going on in Richmond we were working daily to get OUT of the building in Berkeley, a seemingly endless task after 20 years of accumulating there. Photos of the Berkeley building on San Pablo emptying will be up soon here.

Empty office area looking north and west.
[see this same area in April with desks in place HERE ]


A day of adding circuits


A new doorway is punched through from the office into the warehouse and other doorways are widened to make a "hallway" into the shipping area.

A week later and it looked like this with files and shelves in place:


In the midst of moving we had a family visit - "Cousin Karla" and her husband Dave were out from Brooklyn for a visit. Here's a family photo taken in the warehouse.

Katy, Yuke and Cathy in the office on April 25 



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