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Roof Progress and many fewer chairs!

The building has its roof off so that the bare wood shows.

The center of the building is cleared of most furniture. The remaining chairs are draped with plastic to protect them as the bits of tar rain down from the roof work.
The strips of light on the walls are from the slits between the roof wood. But the skylights are the big rectangle of light.


Left is a view up the center of the building facing east - this used to be full of furniture,
now it has nice slits of light coming onto the bare floor (at least until the new roof gets in place).

Below is a view of the "studio space" all along the north end of the building -
the first photo below is facing west from the center of the space and the photo below is facing east
(and Michael can be seen in the 2nd). This section of the building has a lower, flat roof and isn't being re-roofed.
The skylights make the space very light-filled.

below facing east


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