first week of August 2003 - page 3

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The roof is done, now we start on the inside.
My brother David has come from Fayetteville, AR to help for two weeks! He's a man of multiple talents: wiring, carpentry, plumbing, etc.

We start with tall ladders, but the arrival of the rented Scissors Lift will really help reach the high places. Here we see work with the lights and soon we'll be using the big rented compressor to blow off loose paint.

Kaya is loving the building - great for running and chasing stick and frisbee.

Above: David and Michael replacing many burned out light bulbs with energy saving replacements.

Above: Kaya was pretty nervous when the water/grease straining pit was opened.

Above: the ladder, beams and skylight form an abstract pattern I liked.

Some fixtures needed to be removed, wires cleaned and replaced.

The truck arrives in the side yard to unload the Scissors lift (with orange fence sides)
and the big Compressor (already on the ground at right of truck rear).

Michael and David get a lesson in the controls of the scissors lift.

David up at 29 ft. at center of barrel roof - scary!

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