September 2003 - page 4

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While we had the scissor lift we repaired the broken front panels of the building.














Now, the Scissor lift and compressor are gone - the entire inside has been blasted with compressed air
to remove all the loose paint. Floors have been swept, vacuumed, mopped.

At the same time work continues on the front showroom/office area.
The missing ceiling tiles are replaced, the light fixtures all were missing covers, so those were put in place.
We added 3 white fans to move the air, the high ceilings require "destratification" of air to keep heat from all rising to the top in the winter.


We opened up the door facing south (in the photo at the left you see Doug standing in front of the restored door opening).
This used to be the opening that allowed new GMC and Pontiac cars to be driven into the showroom in the 70s.







Here below is an outside view of that same door uncovered (arrow points down to door) and since taking this photo
we have de-weeded the entire yard, too! The plywood you see to the right of the door is what was covering up the
opening until recently. This door will be our main entrance to the office from the parking lot.

And, finally! We actually are able to start storing some backstock of yarns in the building!
See the photos of the first yarns being moved into the building here on Page 5.