F It's now 2.5 years later (july 2003) and we're making plans to move again. The News: We have bought a building next door to where we are leasing in Richmond - see photos of what will be our new location here. We hope to move early fall 2003.


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  Moving to Richmond from Berkeley - spring 2001
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Signed the Lease! Feb 21, 2001!

2-9-2001 (first posted some photos - revised and added photos on 2-21-01.)

"Fernando's" belongs to a very nice couple (Laura & Paul) with 3 kids and a dog. It used to be a Volvo garage and dealership and before that it was a huge Ford dealership, building put up in the 1940s. The owners have their business, Goody-Goody (she makes wonderful "art" shoes for babies and women). He is a contractor and doing work on the new BART station at SF Airport now. The front of the building is on 23rd St. in Richmond and is unusual looking, the east side is on Bissell Ave. and will be where our door will be at 2320 Bissell. These photos are mostly of the rear huge warehouse area we will be renting and some of the outside. We will also have a 1200 ft office area that I haven't photo'd. Laura will have her business in a separate area of the building, too, and will use the front "showroom" seen above. Paul will rebuild the front to fix the windows and raise the level of the wall so as to reduce huge amount of glass in the front.

We will not be in the front space in the oval above - but will have a tall curved window to the right you'll see in a photo below. 

We have been going out there often to measure and think about what goes where. It's only .5 mile from the Richmond BART station, so Andy tested and took BART out once already, too.

Frontage on the 23rd St side: The tall windows in the brick part are the front corner of our space. 
See below for how they look from inside.