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What's New at STRAW.COM & Crystal Palace Yarns
Free Knitting Patterns, Yarn News and More

This started as a "scratch pad" for me to keep track of what I was working on, but I realized that return visitors to STRAW.COM would find a list of changes and additions helpful in finding what was new. The earliest entry in 'What's New?' is from Dec. 1995 when this web site first opened. This web site is maintained by Susan Druding. [ last addition made to page: 28 February, 2011 ]

  This page is What's New for All of 2006 

   Want to go back in time and read earlier "What's New" Entries?
- they are all still here, back to 1995. Click HERE to start going back in time.



Bamboozle Tunic
with Lace Panel

December 24, 2006 - Bamboozle has arrived and has begun
shipping to shops that placed early orders. Here's a new pattern
for a lovely lace panel tunic in Bamboozle.
The lace panel runs down the sleeves as well and the front.
A classic look in our new bamboo yarn.
The 21% elastic fiber will help it hold its shape, too.
Free Bamboozle tunic pattern is here.


Diamond Elegance
new colorway

December 22, 2006 - a new colorway added to the felted,
Diamond Elegance
bag by Terry Ross and a new way
to add the strap with I-cord and grommets.
This bag combines 4 yarns:
Taos, Merino Stripes, Fjord and Blippity
See details in the free pattern here.


Tucson Sunset Child's Pullover
in Taos + Aran wools

December 21, 2006 - a richly colored baby-toddler pullover
combines one color of Taos with 3 solid Aran colors.
All in extra-soft wool. A wonderful change from baby pastel colors!
The free baby - toddler pullover pattern is here.



English Garden
felted bag
colorway #3

December 18, 2006 - a new colorway for our popular English Garden Bag
- felted with Taos and Aran wool yarns.
Here's a version with soft blues and lilac and a printed berry color
of Aran Print for the floral embellishment.
See the yarn colors for #3 here.
The free pattern for the English Garden felted bag is here.



Bunny Hop
Camisole top

December 17, 2006 - a feminine Camisole top in Bunny Hop.
Bunny Hop feels so good against your skin, and it's not just for babies!
This Camisole in Bunny Hop uses 5-7 balls in 3 sizes.
The Free Pattern is here.

See the 11 new colors coming in Bunny Hop in early 2007 here.



Bunny Hop

December 10, 2006 - Bunny Hop with it's angora content
makes a soft gansey pullover for a baby or toddler,
sized from a 22" to 28" chest. (1-2 yrs range).
The free pattern for this Bunny Hop Gansey is here.


Taos Box Jacket

Dec 8, 2006 - A simple shaped, box style jacket knit in TAOS,
100% wool in striated colors. The softness of Taos
will make this a favorite jacket for wear in all seasons.
The free pattern for this Taos Jacket is HERE and includes
the stitch chart for the Knit and Purl stitch texture pattern.




December 5, 2007 - Easy and fun to make for holiday gifts (either as the gift or to put a small gift inside) are these mini-felted bags using Iceland or Taos alone or with added novelty yarns such as Popcorn and Fizz shown here.
Here are a few of the possible variations - see details of stitch count and How-to knit these felted mini-bags HERE.

Iceland + Popcorn

Iceland + Fizz

Taos Bag

Iceland with
abalone trim

+ Popcorn

Thanks to Marge Okuley for knitting the samples for the 5 bags shown above.


Aran Print
Sleeveless Shell

December 3, 2007 - a sleeveless shell in CPY's soft Aran Print Wool
(use a print color as shown or choose one of the solid Aran or Aran Marl color
combinations-they all knit at the same gauge.)
The detail of the diagonal cable separates the
center of St st and the side panels of
Rev St st for added interest.
The free Aran shell pattern is here.



Drop Shoulder
Pinwheel Taos

November 30, 2007 - A new version of the popular Taos Pinwheel
sweater is on our site. This one comes in a range of sizes
and is a drop shoulder style, and a little easier to knit
than the original raglan style pinwheel.
The new Drop Shoulder Taos is HERE
The original Raglan Pinwheel Taos is HERE.
Don't miss the 4 new colors for Taos HERE.



Lace Bell Sleeve
Waikiki Pullover

November 28, 2006 -
A bell-sleeved lace top in rayon-cotton blend, Waikiki -
layer a similar or contrasting color tank top under it.
This lightweight top has a faintly retro 70s look to it,
but is as modern as today.
Free Pattern for this Lace Top is here.



November 18, 2006 - Check out our new Sock Previews Page
 to see some of the marvelous sock patterns and photos coming to this site soon!
Click here for the Sock Previews page.

Crystal Palace Yarns is proud to be a distributor for
Ann Norling Sock Patterns - see the pattern details HERE

Big Felted Striped
Iceland Bag


November 18, 2006 - Big Felted Iceland Striped Bag -
You can knit this bag up quickly - a great gift idea.
Embellish it with a flower, a holiday theme,
add I-cord or purchased strap or handle -
there are SO many colors of Iceland to pair up for this project!


Collared Pullover
Bunny Hop

November 14, 2006 - Bunny Hop is not just for babies!
Here's a soft, classic woman's design to knit in Bunny Hop.
The angora blend is so comfy to wear.
The Free Pattern for this Bunny Hop pullover is HERE.

Also, see the 11 new colors for Bunny Hop
due early in 2007 -
Click HERE to see the new colors.




Baby Jacket



Bamboozle Bambino Layette Set - click each link to go to that pattern

Complete Bamboozle Color Card samples shown - Click HERE

Bamboozle Bobble
Sampler Pullover

November 8, 2006 - Our new bamboo yarn, Bamboozle,
will be arriving in December and we are busy getting patterns
ready for the arrival. Here's a fun sampler pullover in Bamboozle.
This would make a great Knitalong or for teaching stitch patterns
as it is an easy pattern with minimal shaping,
the various stitch patterns make the pattern fun.
With 31 different colors coming in Bamboozle
you could make many color combinations, too!
The free pattern for this Bamboozle Bobble Sampler is here.



Seven New Printed
colors for
Cotton Chenille

October 31, 2006 - Knitters have been using and loving
our Cotton Chenille for more than 20 years!
We began adding printed colors last spring and
they are popular and mix well with many of the
solid colors in the huge palette of Cotton Chenille
(There are now 70 colors of Cotton Chenille!)
Solid colors are here
Printed colors are here - including 7 new prints already in stock.

Bunny Hop + Bamboozle
Baby Blanket

October 30, 2006 - Another grandmother-knit baby blanket.
A baby blanket is a perfect project to pick up
when you just want to knit and not worry about pattern details.
This one is half Bunny Hop and half our new 55% bamboo yarn,
. Bamboozle will be here in December,
but if you can't wait you can knit it all in Bunny Hop.
The free pattern for knitting the baby blanket is here.



Meringue Beaded Sweater
with 3 Holiday Motifs

October 24, 2006 - Knit yourself a holiday themed sweater
and try beading a motif. Meringue is a soft, merino blend yarn
and knits quickly at 4 sts/inch. Designer, Sandi Rosner, has included
3 different charts for the beading: a snowflake, a tree or a star.
We show in blue yarn with silver beads, but try a red with gold beads
or many other color combinations.
The free Meringue Beaded Sweater pattern is HERE.
The 3 charts for the beading are HERE.


Bamboozle Shell

October 23, 2006 - we are excited about our
new 55% bamboo (plus cotton and a little elastic fiber) yarn,
Bamboozle. Here's a lovely, soft project -
a sleeveless shell with a cable in the center.
The feel is wonderful.
Bamboozle will arrive in December - see a preview here.
The free pattern for this sleeveless, cabled shell is here.



Panda Wool
New Sock Yarn !

October 19, 2006 -
A Preview of one of our two new Sock Yarns - Panda Wool
(there is also a Panda Cotton coming).
Panda Wool is 46% bamboo - 43% wool - 11% nylon
and will be available in 20 luscious colors - 11 solids and 9 prints.
See sample photos and a sock knit from Panda Wool HERE.




Cameo V-Neck
Cable pullover

October 18, 2006 -
CPY's Cameo is 80% merino wool + 20% nylon;
the round yarn structure gives it wonderful definition
for stitch patterns and cables. This V-Neck Pullover
features a center cable that splits to frame the V-neck
and cable trim on the sleeves.
The Free Pattern for this Cameo V-Neck is here.


Diamond in the Rough
Felted Bag


October 17, 2006 - A new colorway
for one of our popular felted bags -
this Diamond in the Rough bag uses Merino Stripes (self-striping) and Fjord.
Joanne of Superior Knitting Patterns, Michigan
added a felted strap with beads to her version.
The Free Felted Diamond in the Rough Bag Pattern is here.
The INDEX to all our free felted bag patterns is here.


classy sleeveless
Cabled Creme shell

October 15, 2006 - Crème (CPY's wool-silk yarn)
makes wonderful garments and is a joy to knit.
Here is a cabled sleeveless shell with an interesting
center panel (not for beginning knitters though).
Here is the free Shell pattern. check the
Free Patterns list sorted by Yarn type has other
Crème patterns, too.


Diamond Elegance
Felted Bag

October 10, 2006 - Terry Ross does it again - another great felted bag.
This Diamond Elegance Bag in sandy colors -
and we are preparing a 2nd one in bold colors to show you soon, too. 
The free pattern for knitting and felting this bag is HERE.
The bag has an interesting "button hole" trim that felts into a great looking edging.
The bag combines Taos, Merino Stripes, Fjord and one ball of Blippity.
We are considering making a kit for this bag in 2 or more colorways
 - let us know what you think of that idea.


55% bamboo -
new yarn preview

October 5, 2006 - Take a peek at one of the new yarns coming for
Spring 2007 (which will arrive toward end of 2006,
we won't make you wait until spring!).
BAMBOOZLE - 55% bamboo, 24% cotton, 21% elastic nylon

- all Bamboozle colors HERE.
Bamboozle Patterns are here - more Bamboozle patterns are coming.


2 Needle Baby
Hat in Bunny Hop

October 1, 2006 - Two Needle Baby Hat -
for those who prefer not to use circular and DP Needles,
here's an easy hat to knit on Single Points and sew one seam to finish.
It's knit with our new Bunny Hop, super soft yarn and
takes less than one ball to knit.
Free 2 Needle Baby Hat pattern is Here.


Bunny Hop Baby

Side Wrap Kimono

Sept 24, 2006 - Knit a Bunny Hop Side Wrap Kimono
to match the Bunny Hop blanket just below and to the left.
This little beauty is suitable for either sex baby
and with all the colors of Bunny Hop
you can go wild and bright with "non-traditional" colors or with pastels.
The free Baby Kimono pattern is here
- sizes for 6 months to 2 years.

Baby Blanket
in Bunny Hop

September 20, 2006 - Make a baby in your life
or coming to your life a cozy Bunny Hop blanket.
This diamond stitch pattern blanket uses 6 balls
of microfiber-angora blend Bunny Hop.
The free pattern is here and knit at 4.5 sts/inch
will progress at a nice rate of knitting speed!



Pom-Pom Baby Booties
with Merino Stripes

Sept 19, 2006 - Baby Booties with Pom-Poms
are a great gift and you can make a pair with
one ball of Merino Stripes. The pair will come out charmingly
different due to the slow change of color
in the self-striping Merino Stripes.
The free Pom-Pom Booties pattern is here.


Reversible Baby Hat
in Bunny Hop

Sept 18, 2006 - A fun Baby Hat pattern in Bunny Hop
made as a tube with a small size at one end and
a larger size at the other. This means you can reverse the ends
and turn the hat around when the baby's head gets too big
for the smaller end. Bunny Hop is super soft and cozy and
has many fun color combos possible.
The free Reversible Baby Hat pattern is here.


Many CPY yarns
used in samples
and free patterns


September 17, 2006 - The new edition is due any minute
of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting & Crochet by Barbara Breiter.
A very useful reference, it also includes many
samples and patterns knit using CPY yarns.
Explore Barbara Breiter's web site, too.


Diamond Pattern
Pullover in Crème

A lovely short-sleeved pullover knit in Crème,
our new wool-silk (60/40) combination.
The overall pattern is not hard to knit,
and makes an elegant looking sweater.
The pattern is free with a chart for the
pattern -
available HERE.




2 of 81 purse handles
CPY offers

Sept 5, 2006 - We have just updated the 4 PDF pages of photos of Purse Handles
we are offering - Suggested retail prices per pair are $7.50-$10.50 in 81 different style and color combinations.
Click here to go the link to the PDF color pages of purse and bag handle photos.



Aran Marl - Capelet
cabled w/ eyelets

September 3, 2006 - A lovely capelet
from our new Aran Marl 100% wool yarn
- worked from a chart on circular needles.
Chart is given in PDF format for download.
This is an intermediate-advanced pattern,
not recommended for beginning knitters.


August 31, 2006 -  4  New Colors Added to Fizz -
colors especially chosen for Hawaiian Lei makers.
2 prints and 2 solids.
Click here to see full size version of the below colors.
These colors are in stock now.

New Colorway
English Garden Bag



August 29, 2006 - a new colorway of our popular English Garden Bag,
The bag uses felted Taos, Aran and Aran Print. Designed by Terry Ross.
This version has a deeper color background and
floral embellishments use a printed color of Aran Print.


Creme Panel Eyelet


August 26, 2006 - a dressy short-sleeve top
knit in CPY's Cr
ème (60/40 wool/silk).
A combination of eyelets and wandering stitches
with pouf bobble trim makes a striking, stylish top.
The free pattern for this
Crème Eyelet Panel top is here.


Man's Ribbed
Sequoia Pullover

August 25, 2006 - a soft feeling, textured ribbed pullover for men
knit with our new Sequoia wool-alpaca blend.
(Of course a woman could wear this sweater as well).
The free Sequoia pattern is here.


August 24, 2005 - BeBop's new colors have arrived
not only is BeBop fun for trim and accenting,
but the Lei Makers have discovered it works very well
in the Hawaiian Crocheted Yarn Lei. All these colors are now in stock!
See the sample strip on the BeBop page HERE.

Cameo Shawl
with Shell Pattern


August 17, 2006 - Cameo (our merino wool - nylon blend tubular yarn)
has wonderful stitch definition due to the round profile of the yarn.
In this Shell Stitch Shawl it puts that to elegant use
with a sculptured surface as a result.
The free Cameo Shawl Pattern is here.



Warning - Warning to All Sock Knitters!

After many years of selling Crystal Palace Bamboo DP Needles to Sock Knitters
we have decided these same sock knitters need to have
Crystal Palace Bamboo Sock YARNS!
Coming Soon --- TWO Bamboo Sock Yarns from CPY
1: A blend of Bamboo + Wool + Nylon
2: A blend of Bamboo + Cotton + Nylon with a little elastic fiber

Coming Soon - New Knitting Notions
Click to see the photos


Waikiki Sarong


August 14, 2006 - Here's an intriguing Cover-Up Sarong knit in Waikiki -
wear it slung around your hips or around your shoulders
(see photos with the pattern for different ways to wear it).
It'll turn heads, that's for sure!
the trim and cord are knit with one ball of Party Ribbon -
and think of the myriad color combinations you can make
with combining Waikiki and Party! 
The free pattern for the Waikiki Sarong is here.



Sasha the Splashy Serpent
Door draft blocker

August 12, 2006 - Make some quick gifts for friends in cold climates -
Sasha the Splashy Serpent
is not only good looking,
but she'll help keep winter heating bills down by blocking drafts under doors
- knit and felt with one ball each of Iceland and Splash.
Many, many color combinations to choose.
The easy, fast pattern is here (on size 19 needles).


College Colors Pillow
Cotton Chenille

August 9, 2006 - Make a School Colors Pillow using a pair of our
many colors of Cotton Chenille for your favorite
college-bound student (or high school colors, too!)
Here's a free pattern for making this pillow
with doubled Cotton Chenille on size 10 needles.

A soft Girl's Jumper
in Cotton Chenille


August 5, 2006 - Any little girl would love the soft feel of this
easy-to-knit Cotton Chenille Jumper.
Make one in a solid color or in one of the newer
printed colors of 100% Cotton Chenille.
The free girl's jumper pattern is here.



Taos Sampler Pattern
Sleeveless Shell

Aug 2, 2006 - Here's a variety of easy stitches arranged
in bands across a sweater that is made unique with using
our new TAOS striated color spun 100% wool yarn.
Any of the wonderful color combinations and softness of Taos
will make this a lovely sweater. See the complete color card here for Taos.
The free Sleeveless Sampler Shell pattern is HERE.
Taos has been shipped 2 weeks ago to shops all over the USA.
Check our Shop List to find a store near you
- or check our Online Shops if you don't have a LYS.


Shetland Lace
Kid Merino Scarf


July 22, 2006 - A knit-lengthwise Shetland Lace Scarf in Kid Merino.
Knitting holding Kid Merino double on size 10 needles means a lovely
lace project in a quick knitting format.
Make these Shetland Lace Scarves in different colors
as gifts for approx. $11 retail cost!
The free Shetland Lace Scarf pattern is HERE.



Merino Stripes
Curved V-Neck Vest

July 22, 2006 - Choose one of the 14 different Merino Stripes
colors (each has 3 colors "built-in" and self-striping) and knit this vest
with a striped colors effect that happens with
no yarn changes needed.
The free pattern to knit this
V-Neck Curved edge Vest in Merino Stripes is here.




July 21, 2006 -
We now have a Blog! - Angela, on our staff, has been a Knitter-Blogger for some time and asked if she could launch the Official Crystal Palace Yarns Blog - and we said "Go for it!" It'll be a place to exchange information, learn news in more detail and follow links to learn more about knitting. We hope to share projects knit with CPY yarns from knitters. I'm planning a "Knit Block of the Month" project to share interesting stitch patterns in perhaps Cotton Chenille or Fjord translated from Japanese knitting stitch pattern books (my latest intrigue is figuring out how to read Japanese pattern charts and you'll be seeing these soon on our site for complicated aran and lace patterns, too.) [In case you didn't know the origin of the word "blog" is is short for "Web Log" - for a history of blogging see this site.]

Meringue Baby Blanket

July 16, 2006 - A super soft and cozy baby blanket
in CPY's  new Meringue yarn - a frothy blend of merino wool, fine acrylic
and elastic fibers for "memory". This blanket combines 2 print + 2 solid colors
of Meringue for a unique, soft color look
. There are colors which would
work equally well for a boy's or an "unknown sex" child, too.
The Free Baby Blanket Pattern is here

July 9, 2006 -
New Index -
Our list of free knit, crochet, felted bags and purses has gotten so long
that I've set up a new, separate Index to these patterns.
We have several new bags to publish in the coming week - so check back!
The New BAG and PURSE Free Pattern Index is here
and check out our  New Purse Handles, arriving in August.

English Garden
Carpet Bag
felted & embellished

July 7, 2006 - Terry Ross has designed a super bag in our new Taos and Aran yarns,
with vine and leaf details in Deco-Ribbon. This stunning bag will hold a lot!
The D-shaped handle is from our new Bag Handle Collection.
The subtle and beautiful color effects are achieved by
combining a single color of Taos striated dyed wool with
4 different solid colors of Aran wool. The feel of the bag is very soft.
Here is the Free pattern for this wonderful Carpet Bag.
We are considering making this English Garden bag into a kit,
let us know if this sounds interesting.

Diagonal Jacket
in TAOS wool


July 3, 2006 - A stunning jacket knit on the diagonal with our
new TAOS striated-spun wool.
The look is "Missoni-like" stripes in an easy-to-knit design.
The free Taos jacket pattern is here and uses
only 8-12 50 gr balls of Taos for Small through X-Lg sizes.


Meringue Knit
Side-to-Side Pullover

Meringue is CPY's new Merino wool blend yarn with gentle elastic fibers
added to give the knitting "memory" and a soft, airy feel and look.
Here is a side-to-side knit pullover with a subtle texture.
You begin knitting at one cuff and knit across the sweater.
The result gives flattering vertical stripes of texture.
The Free pattern for this Meringue Pullover is here.
Meringue has arrived and began shipping to shops the first week of July.




Scrunchie Party Ribbon Bag

 July 1, 2006 - Knit handbags are all the rage on the runways of the fashion world. We knitters can make our own fashion statements!
Here's a roomy, fun bag to make with CPY's Party Ribbon.
Instructions include how to adapt to different sizes of handles, too.
Free Scrunchie Bag Pattern is here.


Kid Merino Cat's Paw
Lace Scarf

June 20, 2006 - A lovely small lace project - a Cat's Paw Lace Scarf
that uses only one ball of Kid Merino. Knit on size 10 needles, it goes quickly and
would make a wonderful gift. Or make one for yourself and one to give.
There are so many Kid Merino colors to choose from
- and at a cost of under $7 you'll want to make more than one!


Triangle Evening Bag

June 19, 2006 - Here's a sparkly evening bag knit, not felted,
with Deco-Ribbon, Little Flowers and Popcorn.
It's a non-felted version of our earlier felted Triangle Bag (click here to see original).
Not only is this a great looking bag (you can knit it in 2 sizes),
but it includes a tutorial in using the Magic Loop, Closed cast-on method.
Thanks to Terry Ross for designing both these bags.
The free pattern for this Triangle Evening Bag is here.



June 18, 2006 - Coming for Fall 2006 - A collection of acrylic Purse and Bag Handles for your knitted, felted and crocheted bags. Handles will be packaged in pairs in a wide variety of styles and colors - retail prices will range from approx. $7.50 to $10.95/pair. More details and photos of all styles soon. Shops should inquire re. wholesale prices. Here is a 3-page PDF file showing the 51 different purse handles which will arrive in late August.


Taos Bolero Vest
uses only 3-4 balls

June 17, 2006 - Here's an easy Bolero Vest to knit in our
new TAOS, striated 100% wool. It uses only 3 balls in Sm and Med and
4 balls in Lg and XLg so the cost will be in the $24-$32 range retail.
Taos is new for Fall 2006 and the first shipment will arrive in mid-July.
The free vest pattern is here.


Felted Fjord Slippers

June 14, 2006 - Knit and felt these cozy slippers with Fjord wool.
Cathy Campbell has written the pattern for a wide range of foot sizes.
It's like knitting socks, but at 4.5 sts/inch.
The Free Felted Slipper Pattern is here.


June 2, 2006 - Four new colors of Squiggle are now in stock.
Use Squiggle to add fun to any project - knit, crochet or felted.
The texture and look is unique. The new colors coordinate with other CPY yarn colors, of course!
Strawberries-Limes, Blueberries-Grapes, Kiwi-Mangos and Chocolate-Almonds.
See the four new colors of Squiggle here.


Mini-Bag Felted

May 27, 2006 - What a cute way to give a small gift.
Use this 4" x 4" mini-bag for a Christmas gift and hang it on the tree.
Or use baby colors for a shower gift and tuck in a wee item
such as a pretty pacifier, baby spoon or teething toy.
You can knit one of these with half a ball of Iceland
(or 1/4 ball each in 2 colors)
and felt it. Trim with a fun button or pin.
The Free Pattern for the Mini-Bag is Here.

And, Yes, you can felt the bleached white color of Iceland just fine.
We get asked this a lot.

May 26, 2006 -
6 New Colors of Kid Merino have arrived.
4 new luscious prints and 2 solid colors. These are
coordinated to go with other newly added colors to the
CPY Collection: Kiwi-Mangos, Strawberries-Limes, Chocolate-Almonds,
and solid colors Sand & Vine Green.
See all the new colors here.


Zig Zag Scarf

May 23, 2006 - A fun scarf to make by knitting on the bias
and changing direction every 13 rows.
This soft, bouncy feeling scarf is knit with our
new Meringue Merino wool blend with elastic fibers.
Meringue will arrive in June - see all the Meringue colors HERE.
The free Zig Zag Scarf pattern is here.

Lace Stole or Afghan
easy-to-knit lace
Waikiki + Kid Merino


May 22, 2006 - This smashing stole or afghan pattern
is an easy-to-lace pattern called "Crest of the Wave"
and holding Waikiki + Kid Merino together makes
a wonderful soft fabric with great color effects possible.
The free pattern is here for the Stole or Afghan.



Musique + Fjord
Felted Bag

Mary 20, 2006 - A cute little bean-shaped bag to felt with
Musique body and Fjord trim.
Musique is a blend of wool, acrylic and cotton
and felts with a unique texture and surface look.
The free Bag Pattern is here.


Rolled Brim Hat
Cotton Chenille + Waikiki

May 19, 2006 - With more than 70 colors of Cotton Chenille
and 34 colors of Waikiki there are an amazing
number of color combinations you can use
to make this hat. Great for a woman or a man.
The hat uses just one ball each of Cotton Chenille
and Waikiki - the Free Knit Hat Pattern is here.



Ribbed Hat
Fjord wool + Kid Merino

An easy-to knit ribbed hat combining Fjord with Kid Merino
matches the yarn combo used for our earlier
Fingerless Gloves (Wrist Warmer) pattern.
The pair makes a great gift duo.
And so many color combinations are possible!
The free Ribbed Hat pattern is here, the Wrist Warmers are here.


Peppermint Stripes
felted Iceland Bag

May 12, 2006 - A Peppermint Striped felted bag
made with Iceland. Trim it with red and green
ribbon and use it as a Christmas bag
- or carry it any time of the year!


Merino Stripes
 Cropped Cardigan

May 6, 2006 -  When we took this cropped cardigan out of the box
we all ooh'd and ahh'd. It's so pretty and lightweight.
It uses only 4-5 50 gr balls of Merino Stripes
and 1-2 balls of Merino Frappe for the trim.
Knitting with Merino Stripes is so much fun,
watching the colors change as you go with this self-striping yarn!
At a retail cost for a medium size of approx. $40 you'll
want to make two in different color combinations!
The free pattern to knit this cropped cardigan is here.
All colors of Merino Stripes are in stock now.


Little Fjord Felted Bag

May 3, 2006 -
An easy-to-knit little felted bag using 2 colors of Fjord.
The slip stitch pattern makes an interesting color pattern
after felting. With the pairs of colors in Fjord of
solids + coordinating printed colors,
you can make several in different color schemes.

An Index of Free Felted Bag Patterns is HERE.



Christmas Scarf
Iceland + Popcorn

May 2, 2006 - It's not too early to think about knitting
for Christmas projects, is it?
Here's a very easy scarf to knit lengthwise on big needles
- 2 colors of Iceland + the new  "Christmas" color of Popcorn yarn.
Knit on size 15 needles, it's a fast project.


Easy Shrug
Deco-Ribbon + Splash

May 1, 2006 - An easy Shrug knit
with Deco-Ribbon and Splash trim.
Knit in a single piece and folded over
to form the armholes. Easy for anyone to knit.
4-5 balls of Deco-Ribbon and 1 ball of Splash
for trim - approx. $34-$40 retail cost (Sm, Med, Lg)


Felted Triangle Bag
 in Fjord + Nubbles



April 30, 2006 - a cute little felted bag
with Fjord and Nubbles
The triangle shape makes it have a
roomy bottom space, too.


Felted Baguette Bag

April 29, 2006 - A unique felted bag, "Baguette Bag",
felted in Fjord wool
. This 15" bag will make a fun bag
for holding knitting needles and yarn balls.
Or, put your favorite baguette in it!



Felted Clutch
Ruffled in Fjord

April 26, 2006 - We are about to post 7 new Felted Bag projects
in a variety of our yarns: Fjord,
Merino Stripes, Nubbles, Fling and Blippity.
Here is a PDF file of what is coming in a week or two!

April 24, 2006 - A new addition, we'd be interested if you find this useful,
is that we are beginning to add Adobe PDF file versions of patterns to make
printing them out easier. Printing out directly from the Web pages means
a lot of extraneous material on your printed pages.
You'll see an addition of the Adobe Reader logo:
at the bottom right of each pattern to which we add a PDF version.
Our patterns are still free and we do not ask you to register or
to give us your email address or mailing address in order to use
our free patterns.
But, we do of course, appreciate it if you use our yarn to knit them.
Here is an example of a pattern for which we have done this -
Cameo Unisex Aran ver. 2

Baby Vest
Cotton Chenille + Kiddo collar

April 18, 2006 - Vest for babies, 6 months to 24 months.
This Baby Vest is knit with soft, velvety
Cotton Chenille and trimmed with an ultrasoft Kiddo collar.
Many color combinations are possible!



Crème Sample Card

April 17, 2006 - the sample card for the
new Crème (60% wool/40% combed silk)
is now posted. This new classic silk blend yarn
will arrive in early July. We'll be posting photos
of sweater patterns which will be available in Crème soon.


Felted Eyeglass Case
1 ball of Fjord

April 15, 2006 - Here's a perfect gift item -
an E
yeglass Case knit and felted in Fjord.
(Or make it as an iPod cozy).
Fun to make, knit up several and felt them
at the same time. Each one uses less than a ball,
so you could make 3 from 2 balls of Fjord.
Using one of the 13 printed colors of Fjord makes
a wonderful, mosaic effect in the finished felt
as you can see in this case made with the Fall Herbs color.
Big thanks to Sandi Rosner of Knitting Workshop in Sebastopol, CA for sharing her pattern with us!


Ear Warmer

April 13, 2006 - A very easy ear warmer,
headband knit with the new CPY Meringue yarn (see color card here).
Meringue is a new yarn for Fall - a blend of Merino wool,
acrylic and elastic nylon fibers. (similar to Lycra). The elastic fibers allow the yarn to have memory.
Meringue has a soft, frothy feel that is quite wonderful against the skin.
This yarn will be popular even for those who normally don't like to wear wool!



April 12, 2006

4 new Colorways for

Our  popular Asymmetrical Deco-Ribbon Jacket
combines 3 colors of Deco-Ribbon.
Here are 4 new colorways from which to choose.


7 New Colors
Merino Frappe
fall 2006

April 11, 2006 - 
Seven New colors added to Merino Frappe
for Fall 2006 The shipment arrived in May.

Cotton Chenille
Baby Cardigan

April 6, 2006 - A soft and velvety Baby Cardigan
knit in Cotton Chenille.
Sizes 6 months - 2 years.
The body is a solid color and the accent trim uses
a new, printed color of Cotton Chenille.
The free pattern is here for the baby cardigan.
We will add a child-sized version of
this cardigan pattern later this spring, too.

April 5, 2006 - If you liked the Blippity + Cotton Chenille bag
in the original pink and green combination,
see the 2 new color combinations we have just knitted.
New color combos are here at bottom of original pattern page.



March 30, 2006 - NEW Yarn Sample Cards for our Natural Fiber Yarns for Fall 2006 are going up on the site - many are in place already, click to see each one:  Aran,  Aran Marl Aran PrintCrème (balls scanned),  Sequoia,  Taos - some yarns also have scans of actual balls, you will see links at the top of the page for these. We will also have 2 new yarns: Bunny Hop (a mix of microfibers and rabbit angora) and Meringue, a mix of Merino wool, acrylic and elastic fiber (similar to lycra) - we'll have sample cards up soon. A total of EIGHT new yarns for Fall.


Waikiki + Kid Merino
ruffle trimmed pullover

March 24, 2006 - A great combination! Waikiki & Kid Merino held together. They make a soft, textured yarn with a wonderful soft feel and knitters tell us that the pair make a great feel for knitting work, too. We will have more projects coming with this Cozy Combo of yarns. Here is a Ruffle Trimmed Waikiki + Kid Merino Pullover in sizes from Small to XXLg. Many color combinations are, of course, possible with this great pair of yarns!


Fjord Mosaic
Slip St Jacket

March 22, 2006 - Fjord Mosaic Stitch Jacket -
this slip stitch pattern is not difficult to do
and the results are smashing! 
The jacket combines 1 printed color and 3 solid colors of
Fjord (our new smaller version of Iceland soft wool)


15 colors of
wool + silk

March 19, 2006 - CRÈME - our new 60% wool + 40% combed silk yarn is
due for Fall 2006. (first delivery expected in early July)
Here are the scanned colors (and 4 more colors due soon). I wish you could
feel it and see the luster in person! A luxurious yarn at an affordable price.
(If you are a longtime CPY yarn buyer, you'll recognize the name "Crème" from one of our most popular silk-wool yarns of the past.
This is a close copy of our old favorite!)

Merino Stripes  One Ball Scarf


March 18, 2006 - Make a super soft 90% merino wool scarf with only one ball of
Merino Stripes
knit lengthwise on circular needles (size 11).
The self-striping colors form their own unique stripe pattern
with no effort and great results. The easy free pattern is here.
At a cost of approx. $8 retail or a little less you can make one in every color combination

4 New Sizes of
DAISY Needles

March 16, 2006 - DAISY Needles are coming in smaller sizes: US 5, 6, 7, 8
in both Single Points and Double Points. Our shipment is due
in early June. As more and more knitters are asking for smaller needles
to knit at classic gauges, we are expanding the DAISY range.
And, CPY is adding several natural fiber classic yarns for Fall 2006
to "go with" the needles, too.

March 8, 2006 - Kid Merino crocheted into a unique 'Booklet Scarf' -
made with just 3 balls, each a different color.

March 7, 2006 - A peek at the future of Fall yarns for 2006 - I am starting to get scans of the new, natural fiber yarns coming for Fall up on the site. We have several gorgeous 100% wools coming, Crème - a 40% silk/60% wool, a washable baby yarn with angora and much more. See here: TAOS, striated-color spun feltable 100% wool and Aran 100% Wool - Printed. The Aran wool will also come in coordinated solid colors and an Aran marl version (marl means twisting of different colors strands together). Watch for more coming soon.

March 2, 2006 - Six new colors of Merino Stripes
are here now (April 5, 2006).
Click HERE to see all 6 new colors of Merino Stripes.


February 25, 2006 - Want to make a great looking and cozy
feeling baby blanket? Here's a diagonal knit
pattern using Cotton Chenille in 8 colors,
held double on size 11 needles.
The free baby blanket pattern in
Cotton Chenille is here.

February 23, 2006 - Fingerless gloves knit flat and sewn are fun to knit
and a great project for new knitters who want something that
fits everyone easily and make great fashion accessories.
Here is a pattern for Cameo Fingerless Gloves w/ a Ruffle
- they use 2 balls and knit up quickly on large needles.
Cameo is 80% merino wool.
Don't miss the Fingerless Gloves in Fjord + Kid Merino
with photo and link down lower right on this page, too.


February 18,  2006 - A scarf in a classic style 
suitable for a man or woman.
Cameo, a merino wool blend, is an all-season yarn.
The easy 2-ball Cameo Faggot Stitch scarf pattern is here
- see all the colors for Cameo yarn here.

Cameo Cable Vest
sized for
Father & Son

February 13, 2006 - Two patterns in one:
Cameo Cabled Vest sized for either a child or an adult
(we call this Father-Son, but it could be Mother-Daughter just as easily).
Lots of sizes written for this vest pair! 
The Free Cameo Cable Vest Pattern
: Adult sizes here - Child sizes here.
Cameo is our new 80% merino wool/20% nylon yarn with just the right amount of elasticity.

February 11, 2006 - Our new FJORD wool
(a smaller version of 100% wool Iceland) makes a soft, textured "Squared Pullover"
in sandstorm color.
The free pattern for the Fjord pullover is here.


Merino Stripes
Triangle Shawl

February 10, 2006 -
Knit this gorgeous Merino Stripes Triangle Shawl
in the miter square technique. The photo shows the
smaller version, it is sized for Small and Large.
Thanks to the self-striping colors of Merino Stripes yarn,
you have no need to change colors as you knit.
The Small version takes only 7 balls of Merino Stripes [approx retail cost under $60]
and the Large uses 10 balls. See the colors for Merino Stripes here.
And, we have 6 new colors coming for Fall, too!

Fjord + Kid Merino
fingerless gloves or
wrist warmers

February 6, 2006 - Looking for an easy project?
Here's a fun pair of fingerless gloves
knit flat
and then sewn.
VERY easy and great for gifts of make several pairs
for yourself in different colors.
These are knit in our new Fjord 100% wool
combined with Kid Merino. Soft, warm and cozy.


February 5, 2006 - Party + Blippity Hat pattern to crochet
that matches the corkscrew scarf and Flirty Bag
posted a few days ago. See photos of the bag and
scarf a few items below on the right.
This crocheted hat would make a perfect Chemo Cap
if you know someone going through chemotherapy, too.

Cameo Bag
with Cable trim


February 4, 2006 -
A bag and Capelet in Cameo wool blend.
There is a matching Capelet pattern, too.
The free Cameo Cable Bag pattern is here.

The Cameo Cable Capelet pattern is here


6 New Printed colors
for KIDDO yarn

February 1, 2006 - 6 New Printed Colors are
on the way for our KIDDO yarn.
See the full size scans for them on
the Kiddo Sample Card page here.


Cameo + BeBop Shrug
with Knit Flower Trim


February 1, 2006 - A striking combination of shrug and matching hat knit in CPY's new Cameo yarn and trimmed with BeBop -
the model here knit in Roses colorway.
The shrug is a long-sleeved version of the Deco-Ribbon shrug we posted earlier in January.
Instructions are included for a Knit Flower trim.
The free knit pattern for the Shrug, Hat and Knit Flower is here.

Cotton Chenille Washcloth in
one of the new Printed Colors


January 30, 2006 - Here is the new color card for Cotton Chenille -
for the first time: 16 Printed Colors of Cotton Chenille! And 6 new solid colors, too. Due in April 2006.
The pattern for the easy washcloth is here.

January 28, 2006 - Do you crochet?
Here is a set of 3 Flirty Accessories: A hat
(which also would be a wonderful Chemo Cap pattern,
a bag (see photo at right) and a corkscrew scarf.
All made with our Party Ribbon and Blippity trim.
 The free crocheted handbag pattern is here.

The free corkscrew crocheted scarf is here

Merino Stripes Mitered
Block Vest


January 27, 2005 - Here's a large scale mitered block vest
to knit with self-striping Merino Stripes.
Knit with the blue jeans color, it makes a great look
to combine with jeans for anyone.
The free mitered vest pattern is here.

Deco-Ribbon Shrug
with Knit Flower Fastener


January 25, 2006 - This Deco-Ribbon Shrug caused a lot of comment at the recent show in San Diego. The pattern includes directions for the Knit Flower fastener, too.  The free Deco-Ribbon Shrug pattern is here.

January 17, 2006 - Newly updated PDF pages of thumbnail patterns for CPY Free Patterns for Shrugs and Capelets is here. See all the PDF files on this PDF Pattern Thumbnails Index Page.

January 15, 2006 - We are on a roll with many new patterns.
Here's a really cute striped knit purse made of Cotton Chenille and Blippity
by Dawn Leeseman. You could make it match the V-Neck Vest below or the Cardigan Hoodie Vest made in this same combination of yarns.
The free knit purse pattern is here. 
This will knit up quickly with just 2 skeins of Cotton Chenille and 2 balls of Blippity for an approx. cost of $32.
(and, a surprise is coming soon - printed colors of Cotton Chenille! Check back in February for samples.)

Deco-Ribbon + Popcorn
 crochet hat & bag


January 15, 2006 - We do not have a lot for crocheters here
and we thought it was time to get some fun crochet projects up
- this is the first of two (the next is a Party-Blippity set: a bag, hat and scarf).
Here is a hat and bag in Deco-Ribbon trimmed with Popcorn.
The free crochet patterns are here: the Hat and the Bag.
If you make both, you'll only need
4 balls of Deco-Ribbon and one ball of Popcorn
[approx. cost to make this set: $30.00]

Cotton Chenille +
Blippity V-neck Vest

January 14, 2006 - Here's a 2nd fun project combining our
Cotton Chenille
with the new Blippity yarn.
This is a deep-V neck vest. There are 4 colors of
Cotton Chenille used so the front and back are each
made of totally different colors
(of course you may make them the same if you wish).
Wear it alone, or over a tank top or chemise.
Here is the free pattern for the V-Neck Vest.
The other Cotton Chenille + Blippity combo is seen below on the left,
a cardigan vest with Hoodie, that pattern is here.


Merino Stripes Jacket

January 14, 2006 - Our designers have all been intrigued with figuring how to best show off the subtle self-striping of our Merino Stripes yarn. Marilyn Turner has come up with a gorgeous effect by using 2 different colors of Merino Stripes in a simple slip stitch pattern and playing one against the other. This long jacket (or call it a short coat?) is stunning and even the man who came in to install our new VISA machine and saw it on a table asked about it!
Here is the free pattern for this Merino Stripes Slip Stitch Jacket.


January 9, 2006 - Cotton Chenille and Blippity are used to knit this
Hoodie Vest - the vest bottom is pure Cotton Chenille
and the hood is Blippity.
The free pattern for the vest is here.

 I recently got a Nikon D50 SLR digital and am having a fine time taking photos. I had some questions about where and how we store our yarns and so I've put 4 photos up for you to see HERE of the CPY Warehouse. (You'll see that we keep a big inventory of yarns to keep our shops supplied.)




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