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This started as a "scratch pad" for me to keep track of what I was working on, but I realized that return visitors to STRAW.COM would find a list of changes and additions helpful in finding what was new. The earliest entry in 'What's New?' is from Dec. 1995 when this web site first opened. This web site is maintained by Susan Druding. [ last addition made to page: 28 February, 2011 ]

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What was New in 2009 ? - complete 2009 year below

Panda Superwash
Peace Sock
"Make Socks, Not War"


December 8, 2009 - Panda Superwash Peace Sock let's you
show off your peaceful intentions on your cuffs.
We are calling this sock "Make Socks, Not War"
in a spirit of ending the long war soon and bringing the troops home!
The free Peace Sock pattern is here.
Panda Superwash colors are here -
choose 2 contrasting colors for this sock.



Mini Mochi Entrelac Panel Socks

December 5, 2009 - If you love to knit entrelac and
you love socks - here is the perfect sock pattern.
These tall entrelac socks will look fantastic in Mini Mochi
and show off your knitting skill, too! When we showed these at
a TNNA show people stopped in the aisle!
The color sample page for Mini Mochi is Here.
The Free Mini Mochi Entrelac Panel sock pattern (3 balls) is Here.



Toe Up Woman's Sock

in Panda Superwash


Dec 3, 2009 - Panda Superwash Toe Up socks -
A lovely pattern with a subtle twisted stitch texture
in the cuff. The model is knit in Panda Superwash,
but would also could be knit in Panda Soy, Panda Cotton or Maizy.
The free Toe Up Panda Superwash Sock Pattern is here.



Merino 5 or Fjord
Holiday Ornament


November 15, 2009 - Here's a fun, quick project for a Holiday Ornament.
You can knit 3 of these from 2 balls of either Fjord or Merino 5.
These would make a good learning project for Fair Isle knitting, too.
The free pattern for the Holiday Ornament is Here.


Mini Mochi + Maizy
Mélange Socks

October 1, 2009 -
Sometimes you can combine two different yarns
and get an entirely new look!
This combination of Mini Mochi + Maizy (corn fiber yarn)
is a wonderful example. It combines
2 solid colors of Maizy and
one slow striping color of Mini Mochi
to make a splendid looking sock!
See the Free Pattern for the Mini Mochi + Maizy Mélange Sock here



Mochi Plus
Fan Shawl

September 30, 2009 - One more Mochi Plus shawl pattern!
We love the way Mochi Plus behaves for shawls - so soft and drapey
and the colors looks so wonderful! Plus, it's quick to knit.
This is a re-working of the earlier, popular Fan Shawl we shared
in Panda Silk DK in June (see that pattern here).
But now on size 10 needles instead of 6 and a larger size.
For the free Fan Shawl Pattern in Mochi Plus - click here
To see all 16 color combinations of Mochi Plus - click here



Mochi Plus Shell Lace Stole

September 24, 2009 - An elegant Lace Shell Stole knit
with 8 balls of Mochi Plus. The knitting is done sideways
so that the slow stripes change across the lengthwise direction.
A lovely accessory for any occasion.
The free pattern for the Mochi Plus Stole is here.
The color page for Mochi Plus is here.



Mochi Plus
Mitered Triangle Shawl

August 20 , 2009 - a real WOW of a Shawl in our new Mochi Plus yarn.
This mitered shawl takes 10 balls at an approx. retail cost of $85.
Choose from the 16 slow striping colors to make
this stunning shawl quickly on size 10 needles.
There is a matching Tam-Beret pattern here.
The free Mochi Plus Mitered Shawl pattern is Here.
The color range of Mochi Plus is shown here.



Mini Mochi + Panda Superwash

Rainbow Striped Socks


July 27, 2009 - A striking striped sock with Panda Superwash
as the black and Mini Mochi as the color changing part.
The free pattern for the adult socks will be joined soon
by a pattern for a similar striped pair for baby or toddler.
The free pattern is here for the striped rainbow socks
See the colors of Mini Mochi here.



Mochi Plus
Ribbed Socks


July 7, 2009 - Knit some cozy, soft socks in Mochi Plus.
The aran size gauge will mean for
a quick pair of socks and fun with the color changes.
The free pattern for these Mochi Plus Ribbed Socks is here.
The color page for Mochi Plus is HERE and HERE.



Mini Mochi

June 27, 2009 - This is a striking little shawl
and uses only 2 balls of Mini Mochi.
The lace border gives it an added lovely detail.
Choose one of the original 8 colors or
see the 8 new color combinations due in August.
The free Mini Mochi Shawlette Pattern is here.
See all the colors of Mini Mochi here.


Panda Silk DK
Fan Shawl

June 24, 2009 - a lovely Fan Shawl worked in fan modules,
knit in our soft Panda Silk DK (a superwash Merino/Bamboo/Silk blend),
it's wonderful in feel, drape and look.
The shawl uses 6-7 balls and is worked in modules.
Shown here in natural ecru, it would also be beautiful in
one of the many solid or print colors available in Panda Silk DK.
The Free Panda Silk DK Fan Shawl pattern is HERE
See all the colors of Panda Silk DK here.








Mochi Plus Fingerless Gloves
a Men's version & a Women's version

June 7, 2009 - Make these cozy handwarming,
fingerless gloves in Mochi Plus. They feel soft and warm.
There are two sized versions.
Larger, Men's version Arrowhead design is here
Smaller, Women's version Wave design is here
See all the 16 colors of Mochi Plus here.






Eyelet Cloverleaf Pullover

in Mochi Plus

June 7, 2009 - Mochi Plus makes a soft, slow-striping pullover.
The eyelet cloverleaf pattern breaks up the surface with a subtle pattern.
The free pattern for Eyelet Cloverleft Pullover is here.
See all the 16 colors of Mochi Plus here.






Crocheted Flower Garden Shawl

in Mini Mochi


June 6, 2009 - Mini Mochi is fabulous for crochet.
This Flower Garden Shawl shows the magic of
Mini Mochi when used in a classic granny square motif -
no changing colors needed in each motif for these great color changes!
The free crochet Mini Mochi Flower Garden pattern is here
See all the colors of Mini Mochi here (1st 8) and
here (new 8).



Lofty Cabled


June 4, 2009 - Some warm, cozy cabled mittens that
knit up quickly in our new Lofty Wool yarn.
Start now and make several pairs for next winter Christmas gifts!
Free Lofty Wool Mitten Pattern is here.
All Lofty colors are here


New for Fall '09
Lofty Wool

May 1, 2009 - New for Fall: Lofty Wool
A soft blend of Merino Wool & Nylon yields a chunky yarn
that knits at a quick gauge, but works up into
a lighter weight sweater than denser yarns of the same gauge.
More comfortable to wear and using less yarn, too! 
Here is the sample card showing
all the 15 printed colors and 12 solid colors.






8 New Mini Mochi Colors

April 15, 2009 - Cheer up from paying taxes by taking a look at some of the
New colors coming to CPY Yarns for Fall 2009:
Merino 5 - 8 new printed colors
Taos - 4 new colors
Mini Mochi - 8 new colors
Panda Silk DK - 6 new colors
+ soon we'll show new colors for Panda Silk, Panda Soy
and New Yarns: Lofty Wool and Mochi Plus (an aran weight version of Mini Mochi)



crocheted Shawl
in Mini Mochi

March 29, 2009 - If you like to crochet, here is a wonderful project
to make with Mini Mochi. It uses 3 balls.
The instructions are off-site, but free.
More photos and a link to the free pattern is HERE.



Mini Mochi
Rainbow Hat
one ball

March 29, 2009 - If you liked the
Mini Mochi
Springy Ring Mittens (here)
you'll love this one-ball hat to match the mittens.
Use the Intense Rainbow color #101
shown or any of the other self-striping colors.
The free one-ball hat pattern is here.
The Mini Mochi color card is here.


Bamboozle Child's
Cable Pullover

March 14, 2009 - Knit a cabled pullover for the child in your life.
Bamboozle is a comfy bamboo-cotton blend and
the added elastic nylon helps the yarn hold it's shape.
It's machine washable (gentle cycle and dry flat)
so when digging in the dirt means a wash, it can be done by machine.
The free Bamboozle Child's Pullover pattern is here.
See all the Bamboozle colors here.


Mini Mochi
Tripled Rib - yarn doubled

March 8, 2009 - Do you love Mini Mochi,
but want to knit it up more quickly?
Just double it and let the colors fall where they will.
The sample scarf is knit with #107 Autumn Rainbow.
The easy free Mini Mochi Tripled Rib Scarf Pattern is here.
The color range of Mini Mochi is here.




Taos Cropped

March 1, 2009 - This stylish Taos Cropped Boxy Jacket
is a modified kimono shape and knit from cuff to cuff in one piece.
The softly changing colors of Taos give a play of colors
across the jacket's surface. Knit with only 7-8-9 balls of Taos.
The surface has a simple pattern of purl + 1 stitch cables knit from a chart.
The free Taos Jacket Pattern is Here.
The complete color card of Taos is Here.


Panda Soy

Fingerless Gloves


February 23, 2009 - Knit a pair of cozy fingerless gloves
 with cable trim in Panda Soy (or use Panda Cotton
for the same gauge). The small amount of elastic in both Panda Soy
& Panda Cotton mean the gloves will fit well and feel comfortable
with no sagging and will not "stretch out".
The free Cable Fun Fingerless Glove pattern is here
The complete color range of Panda Soy is here.




Mini Mochi
Springy Ring Mittens


February 18, 2009 - Springy Ring Mittens in Mini Mochi
are sized for both adult and children's hands.
A fun look with just letting Mini Mochi makes its color change magic as you knit.
The free pattern for Mini Mochi Springy Ring Mittens is Here.
See all the colors of Mini Mochi here (and 8 more colors are in development now).


Mini Mochi
2-Color Stripe Socks

February 15, 2009 - Instead of 2 matching color balls of Mini Mochi,
try using 2 different colors and combine them in stripes!
Fun and a totally new look to the socks!
(You could use this same technique for a scarf or gloves, too)
Here is the free pattern for Version 1
- Mini Mochi 2-color Stripe Socks with checks

See all the Mini Mochi colors here.




Mini Mochi
Nadia Lace Trim Top

February 14, 2009- Dress up your favorite Valentine Toddler in this lovely
Mini Mochi
lace trimmed pullover.
For Intermediate to Experienced Knitters.
It's loose fit will mean it will last for months for her.
The free pattern for the Nadia Lace Trimmed Pullover is here.
See all the Mini Mochi colors here.



Mini Mochi
Waterfall Socks

 February 12, 2009 - Wendy Johnson, author of Socks from the Toe Up,
and popular knit designer and web author has designed
a beautiful pair of socks in Mini Mochi, Waterfall Socks.
She is giving the pattern free on her web site as a PDF file.
Here is a link to the photo and link for Waterfall Socks.
Here is a page showing the colors of Mini Mochi.




Mother of Pearl Scarf
in Panda Silk DK

February 2, 1009 - If you read knitting blogs, you probably know Grumperina.
We've read her blog (here) for a long time and were very pleased
that our Panda Silk DK inspired her to design a lovely scarf for us!
Mother of Pearl Scarf is here as a free pattern, for experienced knitters.
A PDF of the chart is linked to the pattern page.
The Free Mother of Pearl Scarf Pattern is here.
All the colors of Panda Silk DK are here.



Puffin Baby-Toddler

January 31, 2009 - A fun hat for babies-toddlers that
knits up quickly in Puffin. CPY's soft polar fleece type yarn.
Make one for the next baby shower!
The Free Puffin Baby-Toddler Hat pattern is here.
All the Puffin Colors are here.



Mini Mochi Jasmine
Lace Fingerless Mitts

January 26, 2009 - Elegant fingerless mitts with a Jasmine Lace patterned back
 really show off Mini Mochi colors and one ball will make a pair
(unless you get obsessed with matching the color changes,
then you might need two balls). We recommend letting the colors
"do their thing" and don't worry about matching!
We'll soon have a matching scarf and socks in this same lovely lace pattern.
Adrienne Fong's pattern includes written out instructions and a chart.
Free Pattern for Mini Mochi Fingerless Mitts is HERE.
See all the colors of Mini Mochi here.


Mini Mochi
Ivy Trellis Lace Stole

January 11, 2009
Our new Mini Mochi is causing quite a stir among knitters
as we show models and they get to feel the softness of
the merino blend and see the colors in person!
Here is the Ivy Trellis Lace Stole (by one of our favorite lace designers,
HeartStrings FiberArts) knit in the Fern color of Mini Mochi.
The results are lovely!
More photos and information on purchasing the pattern is here.




Mini Mochi Weekender


January 6, 2009 - An easy to repeat lace pattern
makes a beautiful large stole.
Choose one of the 8 self-striping colors of
Mini Mochi to make an elegant stole.
The free pattern for the Weekender Stole
in Mini Mochi is here.

See the colors of Mini Mochi here.


Kaya - Bi-Colored

Cabled Hats

January 3, 2009 - Knit a beautiful "stained glass" look
in a cabled hat with only 3 balls of Kaya, 100% striated dyed wool.
These hats are a perfect gift and suitable for a man or a woman
(they were originally knit for the husband of the designer)
The Free KAYA Bi-Color Cabled Hat pattern is here
See all the colors of Kaya here, there are many to choose.


Mini Mochi EYE Sock



January 1, 2009 - Knit these beautiful Mini Mochi EYE socks
(with a row of eyelets marching up the center front and up behind the heel).
The color changes are built in to the soft Mini Mochi yarn.
The free Mini Mochi EYE Sock pattern is here
See all the colors of Mini Mochi here.


Rainbow Wing Shawl
Panda Silk

December 28, 2008 - Knit your very own rainbow in Panda Silk!
This shawl uses 1 ball each of 7 different colors of Panda Silk.
Choose these very "rainbow-like" colors or substitute your own
color palette choices.
Free Rainbow Wings Shawl pattern here in Panda Silk
See all the colors of Panda Silk here.


Munchkin Baby Hat

December 21, 2008 - Knit one of these oversize ruffle
Munchkin hats for the cute little girl in your life!
Puffin is so soft and warm (thin strips of polar fleece) that
it makes a wonderful hat.
The free Puffin Munchkin Hat pattern is here
See all the colors of Puffin here.


Mini Mochi Rainbow

Scarf - 1 ball

Dec 10, 2008 - One of our new yarns for 2009 -
Mini Mochi
goes a long way.
With 195 yds/50 gr ball you can make a Rainbow scarf with one ball
- or a pair of lacy fingerless gloves or a pair of Toddler size socks.
Two balls will make a pair of adult socks.

Free Rainbow Mini Mochi Scarf Pattern is here.
Color photos of Mini Mochi are here.




Bunny Hop
Big Collar Toddler Cardi

December 6, 2008 - Bunny Hop is a favorite for baby & toddler
cardigans. Here's a diamond patterned (with K and P sts),
big collar cardigan sized from 12 to 24 months.
Make it in 2 colors or all in one girl.
Suitable for either girl or boy to wear.
The Free Toddler Cardi Pattern is Here.
The Bunny Hop color card is here.



Bamboozle Girl's
Bolero & Hat

December 4, 2008 - Knit that little girl in your life
a Bamboozle Bolero and matching Hat.
Bamboozle's bamboo-cotton blend is soft and
the elastic nylon content means it will keep its shape.
There are lots of Bamboozle colors to choose from.
The free pattern for the Bolero & Hat is here.
The color range of Bamboozle is here.



Kid Merino Ruffled
Scarflette Neck Wrap

November 29, 2008 - We just love sharing patterns that are quick
and fun to knit and make great gifts (even for yourself).
This Kid Merino Ruffled Scarflette Neck Wrap is one that we know knitters will love.
It's knit lengthwise which means you won't have to do a lot of turn-turn-turning
 while knitting. With Crystal Palace Kid Merino you will have both a
wide range of colors to choose from (see Kid Merino color card here)
- and - a very affordable price! This scarf uses
only 2-25 gr balls and will cost an estimated $12 to knit!
The free pattern for the Kid Merino Neck Wrap is here.
The complete color card for Kid Merino is here.


Beaded Eyelet Cuff

Panda Silk Socks

November 27, 2008 - a classic look with beads worked into
the eyelets makes this Panda Silk sock one you will want
to show off by crossing your legs and letting them peek out
from under your trouser cuffs.
Of course, you may leave the beads off, if you choose.
The free Panda Silk sock pattern is here.
See all the colors of Panda Silk here.


Puffin Ridged Baby



November 18, 2008 - Babies love the feel of our Puffin
(and so do grandmothers who knit with it!)
- ultra soft polyfleece fabric cut into 'knitable' thin strips
makes it feel great and knit quickly.
This Ridged Garter Stitch Baby Blanket is on size 11 needles
and will give much cuddly joy to a baby.
The Free Baby Blanket Pattern is here

Puffin comes in lots of great colors you can combine.


Mini Mochi High Top Toddler Socks


November 15, 2009 - What fun to knit socks with Mini Mochi (a blend of 80% superwash Merino wool + 20% nylon) and see the colors develop as you knit! These tall toddler socks use just one ball for a pair (or knit shorter socks and have yarn left over).  These socks have different patterning in the tops. The new Mini Mochi yarn is due in early Feb. and we will have these patterns up in time for the yarn's arrival.
Larger Tall Toddler Sock photos are here


Magic Garter Cotton Chenille
Twined Face Cloths

November 8, 2008 - Learn how to do twined knitting and make fun gifts at the same time with these Cotton Chenille washcloths. These face cloths are fun to knit (be careful, you won't be able to stop with just 2!) and are perfect to pack with fancy soaps for a hostess gift or in with baby items for a baby shower. With the myriad colors available in Cotton Chenille you can create so many different color pairings! Laura Andersson shares with us her method of using her Magic Garter Stitch twining technique and you don't have to knit them in the round. Shops would find these a perfect teaching project, too.
Free Pattern is Here for the Magic Garter Face Cloths.


Bambini Socks

October 30, 2008 - Bambini Bamboozle Toddler Socks
Do you love to knit socks for children,
but wish you could knit a pair quickly for a gift?
Try Bamboozle - the gauge on size 5 needles means
you can knit quickly and these darling Toddler sized socks
only use one ball of Bamboozle (bamboo-cotton-elastic nylon)
free Bambini Bamboozle Sock pattern is here.


October 20, 2008 - New Yarn Coming: Mini-Mochi, a fine single ply yarn.
A stunning new yarn, color changing, soft and machine washable.
80% machinewash Merino wool + 20% nylon, 195 yds/50 gr. Due in Early '09


Fingering weight for socks and other fine yarn projects
see all EIGHT color combos of Mini-Mochi HERE.

Merino 5

Star Stitch Vest


October 13, 2008 - An easy Star Stitch makes this striking vest
 with Merino 5 superwash Merino Wool yarn.
The model shown combines a solid and print color
for dramatic color contrast. Many other color combos are possible.
See all the Merino 5 print colors Here & Solid colors Here
Here is the Free Star Stitch Vest Pattern



Panda Silk DK
Aria Tank Top


October 10, 2008 - Panda Silk DK (bamboo-superwash merino-silk)
knits up into a wonderful, soft, lustrous knit -
this tank top with eyelet body is a fabulous looking and
sized from XSm to XXX (54").
Choose from a wide range of Panda Silk DK colors - see them here
The free Aria Tank Top pattern is here.




Crystal Palace Yarns is pleased to announce that we are now a wholesale distributor
for Ann Norling Patterns, a popular collection of more than 65 patterns for knitting and crocheting.
Click here for information and a link to a 4-page color PDF file showing thumbnails
of the entire collection of Ann Norling Patterns.

 Index linked to many free sock patterns
Visit it here

To read all of "What's New" items from 2008 - Click here

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