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Instructions for Knitting with
Crystal Palace

TuTu yarn sample card is here.

See TuTu patterns here.

Winding the yarn:

Because of width of TuTu, it will not feed through a ball winder. To unwind, place on an umbrella swift, or ask a friend to hold hank between outstretched hands. Wrap TuTu around piece of cardboard or folded yarn label, laying it flat as you wind.

TuTu on Umbrella Swift Winding TuTu

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Casting on:

[Needles size US 8 - 10 (5 - 6 mm) recommended]
Overlap first rectangular opening over the 2nd for folded end. Put tip of right needle in rectangular openings from front to back and repeat for desired number of cast-on stitches. (7-9 stitches is a good width for boa style scarf.) Turn to begin knitting 1st row. 

Note:  You will cast on and knit with ONLY the fine top thread of the rectangular openings along one edge of TuTu.

Overlapping TuTu for Hem Casting on TuTu Casting on more stitches

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Insert tip of right needle from front to back and into first rectangular opening on left needle. With top thread ONLY of next rectangular opening from unknit portion, knit a stitch and pull off onto working needle. Repeat to end of row. Turn and work next row the same way. Repeat these two rows to desired length. You will find working near tips of needles works best for picking up the thread of the next rectangle each time.

Knitting with TuTu Knitting with TuTu  One Row of TuTu

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Binding off:

Bind off as usual, using only the fine top thread of the rectangular openings. Cut TuTu at least one rectangle beyond last bound-off stitch.  Fold this over, and, together with the thread from the overlapped rectangle, tie your last stitch with a yarn in similar color to TuTu color to end last bound off stitch.

Binding Off TuTu 1 Binding off TuTu 2Tie Off TuTu at End of Bind Off

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Combining TuTu with other yarns:

Combine TuTu with other yarns in worsted to Aran gauges. Knit a few rows of base yarn and then add TuTu with the base yarn for a row. The best technique is to use a purl stitch to catch TuTu and work together with base yarn. Either knit TuTu on one side of the work or alternate sides of the knitting depending on your project. At least 4-6 rows of base yarn knit between TuTu rows usually works well.


Have fun knitting with your TuTu!