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Classic Bamboo

  • Bamboo is cut
  • Dries in sun
  • Cut for needles
  • Split by hand
  • Bamboo is rounded
  • Cured in the sun
  • Autoclave prevents warping
  • Sanded & polished
  • End are sharpened
  • Rounded & shaped
  • Polished again
  • Gauge is checked
  • Size & name put on each needle
  • Tops tapped into place
  • Points inspected in cotton

Crystal Palace Bamboo Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks are made with the savvy needle artist in mind.  There are many features that make Crystal Palace Classic Bamboo a choice above the rest. First, the bamboo takes approximately 10 years to mature, whereas most bamboo products use bamboo that takes 3-5 years to mature. This makes for a much stronger finished product. The needles are put through a steam autoclave process that prevents the needles from warping. Then they are fnished with a natural resin that penetrates the needle, rather than with a lacquered top coat that could chip. The needles are hand-inspected before packaging for final quality control.   Watch the slide show for more information on the manufacturing process.


Crystal Palace Bamboo come in 9" and 12" SP's, 6" and 8" DP's, 16", 26", 35"and 55" circulars and 6" crochet hooks.


CP Bamboo 9" SP
9" Single Points
US sizes 0-19
12" Single pointed bamboo needles
12" Single Points
US sizes 0-19
6" Double Pointed Bamboo Needles
6" Double Points
US sizes 0-8
CP Bamboo 8" dpn
8" Double Points
US sizes 1-15
12" Circular S&L
US sizes 3-8
16" Circular Bamboo Needles
16" Circulars
US sizes 0-15
CP Bamboo 26" circular
26" Circulars
US sizes 0-19
35" Circular Bamboo Needles
35" Circulars
US size 0-19
CP Bamboo crochet hooks
6" Crochet Hooks
US sizes D-L






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