Claremont Hotel sign on Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA

June 27, 1997

Claremont Hotel sign on Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA


Plays Jazz at the

Claremont Hotel
Berkeley, California

The Claremont Hotel Tower lit at night Daddy Goddus:

Gavin diStassi, horn
Loring Jones, drums
Erik Smyth, guitar
John Wilson, bass

Erik floating jpg
Gavin diStassi on the horn Loring doing solo
Erik standing Gavin on horn, John in rear on bass  
John Wilson on bass, Loring Jones in rear on drums Loring Jones on drums
Russ Ellis
Russ Ellis
John and Kira
Bob and Russ Bloom Photos by
Susan Druding

Sanyo VPC-G200
camera used for all

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