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in the San Francisco BAY GUARDIAN
by J.H. Thompkins
some excerpts:

" What's finally over with the release of "Finally Over" is the frustration of waiting for this East Bay band to fulfill the promise that has surrounded it for the last six years. So pay attention: Forget Blackstreet, Babyface, and D'Angelo; forget all the Tonis, including Braxton. This is the best R&B album I've heard in a long time......

The Mo'fessionals ... have digested the last 40 years of R&B and delivered it not as a pastiche of soul and funk stylings, but as a walloping emotional package concentrating on the blue-collar strokes of love and life in the East Bay....

"Finally Over" is a big, constantly shifting sea of voices - alternately lush and lonely, sweet and sour - that brim with old-school passion as the soar, collide and collude over the band's tight, economical jazz-funk grooves. ..."

excerpts from review by J. H. Thompkins

SF Bay Guardian, December 12, 1996


in the Oakland Tribune
by William Friar

"The Mo'fessionals, one of the hardest-boogieing bands on the Bay Area scene, merges classic funk and soul with modern jazz and hip-hop. Somehow, the group makes it all work.

It's hard to think of another band that could take a sexy, danceable funk number and wed it to an uplifting political rap. But the Mo'fessionals does just that on "Baby Boy," a track off the group's second album, "Finally Over"...... The recording starts strong with "Never Lie," a funky, horn-fueled ride that soars with pristine vocal acrobatics and a smoking rhythm section..."

excerpted from review by William Friar
January 1997

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