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No Gigs scheduled for the Mo's.They are currently "retired" as a band. Read about their Bay Area history and achievements below on this page!

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The Mo'fessionals were named by
MUSICIAN Magazine in their October 1997 issue:

One of the
Twelve BEST Unsigned Bands
in the World !

They were chosen (from a thousand bands submitting tapes sent in to the magazine) by a panel of music recording artists and professionals.

This still leaves us wondering why the Mo's never were signed to a Label? Somebody sure missed out by not picking them up !

2 Dancers When the Record Release Parties happened -
We took lots of pictures at the Slim's party
take a look!

Also SEE the Daddy Goddus info on this other page
(Daddy Goddus = Mo'fo Rhythm Section Jazz combo ) and
See Pictures from a Daddy Goddus gig at the Claremont from
June '97

Some Mo'fo CD Background:

April 19 '97: in the 5th week of Gavin tracking "Finally Over" was in Rotation at over 100 college and alternate radio stations all over the USA. 
The Mo'fessionals spent a day at Rocket Lab in San Francisco the first week of October '96 deciding arrangement of the Ten Cuts which will be on the new CD. Thanks to Rocket Labs, the CD will be a full one hour album. It will be called "Finally Over" (the final song cut). The Mo's especially want to extend thanks to Rocket Labs (Ken, Don and Nicole) for their work and support on this project. And another big Thanks to Tom Carr of the Music Annex, Menlo Park where the final two songs were recorded. These companies were both part of the "Prize" the Mo's won in the DiskMakers "Battle of the Bands" and they were a pleasure to work with. One of the great things about this industry is meeting the people who make the music sound its best!

Sample CD's and Press Kits went out to Labels and Radio Stations all over the USA - Time for the Mo's to get SIGNED and share their special sounds across the USA! But after much interest no recording company picked them up - so they are not currently performing.

Zoe Ellis with Caitlin Cornwell had a best selling recording on the charts in '97 "Bohemian Rhapsody" under their recording name The Braids. Their video debuted on MTV. Mike Marshall has been in Germany recording and performing there.

Loring and Erik are were in Japan in mid-1997 where they visited their friend Kota Kagami (who used to come to a lot of Mo'fo gigs and did some rap with them). Kota has a best-selling rap CD out in Japan - and if you listen carefully you'll hear the word "Mo'fessionals" in his rap. Chris - CB - has memorized the rap in Japanese, if you speak Japanese and come to a Mo'fo gig - please tell Chris what he's saying !

John "Wishbone" Wilson has a studio set up where he is working on recording in Emeryville. The Mo's sounds may rise again!

Read reviews of the 2nd CD: "FINALLY OVER"

Check a sample Mo'fessionals' Video, recorded in San Francisco

How to Order CDs from the Mo's a CD from the Mo's
We can mailorder CDs to you, here's how.

See some pictures taken at the SLIM's Record Release Party

Read some excerpts of the great reviews the Mo's have gotten!

Listen to the Mo'fessionals! Links to 16 WAV Sound Clips and more

See Mo'fo Pictures these are photos from the press pack

See cover of "The Mo'fessionals Live at Slim's" CD and how to order a CD

The Mo's played for the H.E.A.R. Vibe-o-Thon Party with special "tactile sound" equipment
on Feb 14. 1997

Read about it at the H.E.A.R. Web Page

The Mo'fessionals were Artists of the Month on the H.E.A.R. Website for October '96. It's a great site, with great music links and samples, Take a look.

Click over to the H.E.A.R. and check it out
(and read about protecting your hearing, too!)

Mofo line

To get on the Mo's mailing list: send an email your name, address and zip - Even though they are not performing now (2000) we're keeping this email list for future notification - For 

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