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Mo'fo Movie - (video-sound) of "Slow Down"
performed at Great American Music Hall - 1600K -
taped by
Om-Records for the "Soul Motion" multi-media CDRom.
[June '98- Om's site is down for a re-make]

DiskMakers (the folks whose contest the Mo's won) have put
a full page photo of Mike Marshall and the Mo's story as the front page item on their Wholesale 1997 Catalog - it's all about getting CD's etc. from them, but includes band stories. 1997 is over now, but I've seen 1998 stuff with Mike's photo on it, too.
For a copy visit their Web page at or call 1-800-468-9353 and tell them "the Mo'fessionals sent you".

speakerSOUNDS Animated music gif

  • Hear Mo'fo Sound Clips from the Live at Slim's CD and a few new ones from Demo tape that helped the Mo's win the Diskmakers' Contest
  • Visit Om Records Web page and hear a sample of the Mo's from the OM Interactive CD - SOUL MOTION (which includes Mo'fo videos of a performance at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and a personal interview with band members. [Note June 1998 the Om site is being re-built, so keep trying.]


  • Pictures taken for press releases for the new CD "Finally Over", these are black and white photos
  • Photo Collection taken Dec. 14, 1996 at the CD Release Party for "Finally Over" at Slim's in San Francisco. 3 Pages of photos, thumbnails which are linked to full size images.
    Page One- - Page Two - - Page Three


      Looks as if Diskmakers have changed their site & contests. As of 6/98 there is no more information on their site about their Battle of the Bands and the Mo's "victory".
      So these links are no longer functioning: (I leave them here for reference until we're sure)

      Visit Diskmaker's Web page and see pictures taken at the Great American Music Hall of the Mo's: Zoe, Mike Marshall and a full band picture
      Diskmakers' also have another page
      with a nice photo and write-up on the Mo'fessionals


    Last page revision: July 05, 2002



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