The Mo'fessionals' Scrapbook

of the Record Release Party at Slim's, San Francisco

"Finally Over" - Dec. 14, 1996

Fans down in FrontThese pictures were taken with 400 asa film and sent to Seattle Filmworks for digitizing and downloaded from the Web. It's certainly a quick way to get scanned photos up quickly!

Each photo on these pages is shown as a cropped thumbnail to save download time, then click on the photo if you want to see the larger, more complete image. The blue frame indicates the image is a link.

This page (Page 1) shows pictures from Pre-Show and Family and Friends. Check out additional pages: Page 2 and Page 3 show pictures taken during the performance.

Gavin DiStassi in the audience - G. plays horn on "Slow Down" on the Finally Over CD.Fans down in Front

All photos by Susan Druding


Loring-Tim-John thumbnail
Setting up the CD-sales table - Loring, Tim Alexander, John Wilson

 Loring setting up

Loring setting up his Tama drum kit.

Tim & Loring - thumbnail

Tim Alexander lends a hand selling the Mo's new CD - he shows his sales technique to Loring

Mike Hughes - thumbnail

Mike Hughes,
the Mo's road manager

Michael & CB - thumbnail

Michael Jones & Chris Burger

Loring & Michael - thumbnail

Michael & Loring Jones

 Lo' w/ Burgurs

Bob & Theresa Burger with Loring


Erik Smyth and
Gina Ness, his mom

Lo' with the Bothes:
Nancy, Melissa and Nick


Lo' and Nicole Bothe


Russ & Michelle Bloom

 a Slim's soundboard

One of Slim's Sound Boards

Check out Page 2 and Page 3 with pictures of the Mo'fessionals during the performance.

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