"Flames & Ashes" Quilt

  by Susan C. Druding

This quilt is being entered in the Roots of Racism Exhibit.

This quilt recognizes the horror felt by families, especially of the children in those families, who have had crosses burned on their lawns over the years. It recognizes the tragedy members of a community feels when their house of worship is burned.

This quilt is dedicated to the Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Alabama ( www.splcenter.org/ ) and especially to their Klanwatch branch for their continuing work to combat racism and their "Teaching Tolerance" program for schools across the USA.

The quilt is all cotton, fabrics used are prints, solids (some hand dyed grays by me) and the backing is African fabric. Flames are rayon thread, machine quilting done in cotton and rayon.

Quilt finished July 2000

Flames and Ashes - quilt

And two details:

detail of quilt


close up


photos taken with Nikon Coolpix 950 camera

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May 16, 2001

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