"Old Mexican Walls"

an intensely strip pieced quilt

by Susan C. Druding


size: 32 x 31 inches

I began this quilt in an intense workshop with Nancy Crow at the Biosphere in Arizona. Our assignment was to work with a motif in a "very graphic way". Since I have come to love strip piecing I made what I have started calling "intensely" strip pieced fabric and cut the motifs from that. I used a mixture of bold African prints, hand dyed fabrics I had dyed, and various USA quilting cottons.

The name was chosen since the look of many of my strip pieced fabrics reminds me of the wonderful peeling walls in Mexico layered with old bull fight posters, political notices, etc. They fade and peel in a wonderful way. I hope to do more quilts with this theme and look.

Susan C. Druding, Berkeley California


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These photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.

all photos copyright2000 Susan C. Druding
URL of this page is http://www.straw.com/quilting/mexicanwalls.html
July 07, 2006

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