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"Windows 2000"

A quilt for the Quilt 21 Exhibit 
(opening in Lowell, MA August 2000)

by Susan C. Druding

finished winter 1999-2000

size: 39 x 44 inches

Several intense workshops with Nancy Crow, including one in strip piecing, have lead me to continue experimenting with the intriguing possibilities of working with non-ruler cut strip pieced fabrics without a planned pattern in mind. This "Windows 2000" quilt was built "on the wall" and combines commercial fabrics, African fabrics, overdyed commercial prints and my own hand dyed fabrics. The machine quilting was done with a free motion, scribbling approach in both cotton and rayon threads.

Making a two-dimensional quilt which has the appearance of visual layering and the idea of piercings through the layers inspired me to play with areas of apparent openings in the surface. I have been experimenting with +’s and x’s in strip piecing which lead to a window-look appearance, at first unintentional. Placement of the cool and warm colors across the surface to hint of a light source outside the area of the quilt was another play on the visual. When my son saw the quilt and said, “Windows 2000"
the name stayed.

Susan C. Druding

full view of Windows 2000

  Detail of Windows 2000 quilt

I used an improvisational 'scribbling' technique for the free form quilting in both cotton and variegated rayon thread.

detail of Windows 2000 quilt

detail of Windows 2000 quilt

The "window panes" were also hand stitched with dark green silk threads as seen above.

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These photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.

all photos copyright2000 Susan C. Druding
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January 31, 2006

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